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  1. Harry Kane | Tells Spurs he wants to leave

    Spot on. The club might, in the end, not let him go but that can only be about making an example of him. His value isn't going up when he's unhappy, sitting in the stands and with a contract that's ticking down. They also have a new manager who may well not want the drama and difficulty that...
  2. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    Man for man, in terms of the impact he's made he's been one of the best players in the PL playing for a rank average side. You could make the same argument about any player not currently at a top 5 side unless and until they move up a level. Nothing is guaranteed but time will tell. I don't see...
  3. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    So you think he doesn't improve players generally?
  4. Grealish To City? | City bid £100M

    I'd suggest Pep is well aware of what he's getting, and he has a history of improving players. Sterling is a much better player under Pep, Stones is the same. He'll improve Grealish if he goes to City. He has the talent to become one of the best players in the world, in my opinion.
  5. Focussing on one signing at a time

    I suspect that at any point, various discussions are going on regarding various players, but in any business the decision makers and those who will thrash out any deal when push comes to shove, and can actually sign off on it are limited in number. I suspect Murtough (liaising with other club...
  6. John Terry on the hunt

    He says in the interview he doesn't want to start the season and then leave halfway through. Also suggests in it he's been offered the chance to meet with some managers around Europe. Seems fair enough to me. If he's keen to move on and assuming he has a significant day to day role at Villa, it...
  7. Erling Haaland

    The noise all seems to be coming from Chelsea. If Dortmund won't sell this summer and his release clause kicks in he'll have his pick of clubs, and he'll get a better contract. He won't push for a move this year. He'd be mad to do it. Chelsea may have won the CL but they're not a side looking...
  8. Manchester United name John Murtough as Football Director and Darren Fletcher as Technical Director

    He wouldn't say he was the best Director of Football out there, but he's definitely in the top one.
  9. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    Reads the game well so he's in the right position at the right time, rather than having to chase and tackle back. Always looked a top defender to me. Great signing if it comes off.
  10. Pep's spending is insane

    You'd be choosing to be unemployed then.
  11. Are English players overrated or is it Southgate ?

    Spot on. The reaction from England fans makes me laugh. Beating a very average Croatia in the first game was a good result, under pressure but no reason to go overboard. The Scotland result was disappointing but on another day, the Stones chance goes in, Scotland have to play out and they get...
  12. What Punishment?

    I don't know, but I'm stating a fact. The Glazers own the company, nobody can force them to sell it. In that sense, United is no different from any other company. What, precisely, do you think the FA can do? As a fan, I despise this ownership but expecting the FA, or Premier League to step in...
  13. What Punishment?

    The problem is nobody can force them to sell up, and it's nothing to do with the FA. The club is a company and they own the shares, simple as that.
  14. What Punishment?

    Fair enough if that's correct.
  15. What Punishment?

    Will they? I'm not sure I accept that. Looked very much like hundreds of random people (including kids, when you see the pictures) were just able to wander in. I assume the stadium is generally secure when it's not in use, i.e. locked up. Are you saying you could get in easily if you wanted to...