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  • That's obvious to those that don't have an agenda. Personally I think the situation isn't as dire as we think it is, I imagine some annoyed players are venting and when we vent, we exaggerate. We have a proper Manager now and the squad is going...
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    Indeed, just terrible. 33 goals conceded in 24 games is some going. Games 24 Wins 10 Draws 7 Losses 7 GF 33 GA 33 GD +0 N.B. PL Stats
  • It's just a horrendous mess out there. Players look devoid of confidence, our midfield cant pass, dalot can't attack or defend. Lindelof being bullied by Zaha, Cavani barely a threat upfront. Bruno gifting the ball away time and time again...
  • Midfield terrible, can't keep possession, very little coming down our right offensively.
  • Dancing.
  • Erm, what? Where's the Essien calculator?
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    A really good episode again. Love the ole virus type episodes. Not totally sold on why they needed to reveal the child so quickly though, but I guess following the episode by episode format they wanted to seal the storylines for the episode...
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    All it took was Chelsea to not bother turning up and gift their old player a crucial win. They'll get nowhere with Lampard in charge, I'll give him props for avoiding being the first Manager to relegate Everton from the Premier League. Not sure...
  • Every day you wake up and there's at least 1 story about a Government official that makes your piss boil. I'm honestly staggered at this point the country isn't rioting. It's just a shambles, run by idiots and crooks.
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    This might be my 2nd favourite season. The banter and silliness of this lot is great.
  • I think he's one of our most under rated players. He'll end up being a very, very good keeper for Newcastle. We just need the funds and he needs to play. It's a good deal for both parties imo.
  • Agreed.
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  • Surely thats satire? That has to be satire? Right? edit: It was.
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    Oof, nice table @Damien