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  • They want our club to be good, even though they want the club to be bad. Understood. Impeccable logic and some sound as feck reasoning.
  • It's lost on me too.
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    Casting for both characters is just wildely off the mark. (no put intended)
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  • So you watch our games hoping we lose?
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    Disagree, the lead up was fine. Shape was correct throughout, it's just the personal were in the wrong positions but that was all down to the quick free kick which Shaw/Maguire didn't expect. That's not a coaching issue, that's Shaw/Maguire...
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    Moving the discussion in here instead, due to moaning. Don't think that's true. Watch it again a few times, we keep a good shape throughout. We react well defensively to the free kick, filling in for the sleeping Maguire/Shaw. McTominay helps...
  • Carrick was an excellent player. He was a bit slow, but positionally extremely smart and used the ball expertly. Very Italian style of play.
  • That's more of a fact that Scotland have zero CB's, they play Tierney as a CB a fair bit too. It's good that he's versatile imo. Their senior CB starter is Hanley at Norwich City! They have nobody back there.
  • Aye, he does this a lot and it's a huge issue when he's playing. I noticed him doing this against Villarreal. It's infuriating.
  • Huh? McTominay is pretty much a constant pick for Scotland, be it as a CB or as a DM. In the last 20 games, he's been on the bench twice, out injured for 3 and started and completed the full 90mins in the other 15.
  • Pundits are always going to play good cop / bad cop on these shows. The entire point is they make controversial opinions to try and get people talking and reacting. Don't rate Scholes as a pundit mind, he always comes across as pissed to be...
  • 1 billion. Football is wild these days.
  • Wanting us to lose a crucial Champions League match? Depressing.
  • Numerous examples last season of us turning up against 'easy opponents' expecting it to be a cakewalk because we'd been getting good results and then end up being embarassed. Having confidence is excellent when coupled with passion and energy...