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  1. How good was Paul Gascoigne

    He was the best natural talent in an English player that I've ever seen.
  2. Manchester United vs Young Boys

    Whatever happens, it should be entertaining
  3. Michael Carrick leaves Manchester United

    Sad to hear this, I was hoping he would stay on and learn from Rangnick. Saw enough from the last three games to think he had real potential. If its to spend more time with his family then I can understand and my respect for him has increased again. Despite what some feel, he leaves with his...
  4. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    Arsenal celebrating as if it was a wonder goal
  5. Official: Solskjær has left his role as manager

    Carrick is probably 2 wins away from landing the job permanently on a 3 year deal.
  6. Official: Solskjær has left his role as manager

    You did your best Ole, time to move on.
  7. Romano : Ole Sacked

    Sad fact of the post SAF era is that our most memorable moments are when we finally sack a manager. He has to go but I wouldn't have wished this on him. Doesn't diminish 1999.
  8. Ole Sack Watch

    If this is true its utter madness, defies belief. I don't blame Ole at this point. He's not good enough and no manager walks when they will get a multi million pound pay off. This shambles is the Board's doing. They've had weeks to come up with an alternative, even just a caretaker to see the...
  9. Emergency Board Meeting called to discuss the future of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    I'm imagining something akin to the Handforth Parish Council meeting. You have no authority here Ed Woodward.
  10. Ole Sack Watch

    I almost admire this level of delusion.
  11. Internationals November (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Well done Scotland, very proud of the team tonight.
  12. Next permanent manager

    Not trying to start an argument as I'm no great shakes when it comes to tactics, but was LVG a reactive coach? I thought he was all about dominating possession and waiting for the opposition to make a mistake by getting out of position and then capitalising?
  13. RIP Astro - UB40 Legend.

    Gutted. Massive fan. RIP.
  14. Will Ole get another PL job after this?

    Will he feck.
  15. Ole Sack Watch

    It's depressing. We're going nowhere with Ole at the helm. What more do the Board need to see? He's a great guy, a club legend as a player. But as a manager he will not get us any closer to City, Liverpool, Chelsea than we are currently. The last few games have been about damage limitation...