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  1. Manchester United vs LASK

    Good stuff, well done Martial.
  2. Manchester United vs LASK

    Yes, nice bit of skill.
  3. Manchester United vs LASK

    What a ball from Pogba there.
  4. Manchester United vs LASK

    What a hit their goal was.
  5. Manchester United vs LASK

    Part of me would like to see them get another four just for the reaction on here.
  6. Manchester United vs LASK

    Had to put up with him for years on Scottish football. It's about time more people were subjected to him.
  7. Manchester United vs LASK

    He'd feck up at passing the baton.
  8. Manchester United vs LASK

    Agree. After Sanchez leaves, he'd be top of my deadwood list for clearing out.
  9. Manchester United vs LASK

    Mata makes my Grandad look pacey.
  10. Willian - worth a punt?

    I've always been a big fan of his but it wouldn't make sense now.
  11. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    That's a ringing endorsement.
  12. Film Overrated movies

    Inception. Needs to climb out of it's own arsehole.
  13. Scottish Football 20-21

    In fairness, I think he just took Aberdeen as far as they could go and then some staleness set in. There's no shame in that, it's almost impossible for any of the other clubs to consistently finish best of the rest.
  14. Who has had the better season?

    Chelsea. Even though I can't stand the way the media loves Lampard. 4th place, after a transfer ban and lost their best player.
  15. What next for Eddie Howe?

    I still rate him. Might just be in my head, but his bigger money signings just didn't seem to work out. Not sure where he'll end up next. I'm sure he could take another Championship club back to the Premier League. Equally, I wouldn't be surprised if a club like West Ham took a punt on him.