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  1. Glazers / Woodward out! (One down)

    Out of interest, does anybody know if the Glazers would currently be allowed to buy the club on the same kind of deal they used in 2005?
  2. Melting in the heat

    Melting in the heat
  3. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

  4. Michael Knighton preparing a hostile bid to remove the Glazers

    MUGA Make United Great Again
  5. Madrid, Barca and Bayern fans would riot.

    You make a good point and I agree. Whilst there was a small element that took it too far, if I remember correctly, I think the whole thing was carried off relatively peacefully? Anyway, it made headlines and Sky were certainly unhappy. For this season I've decided not to attended the half dozen...
  6. Glazer owned business given bad reviews by disgruntled fans

    "there were also ghost sightings and people refer to him as Harry Maguire" Spat my drink out laughing at this comment
  7. What is the ambition of our club?

    Make money money, take money money
  8. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the OP rules and check the quality of your sources before posting

    Breaking the hearts of muppets everywhere. Time to move on.
  9. Time to get militant?

    Or even Labour's Miliband?
  10. Archie Battersbee: RIP

    Maybe not. But as I said, if it was my boy lying there, I would never give up. Which is probably why it's a good thing that others would make the decision.
  11. Archie Battersbee: RIP

    Followed this story with sadness. As a father, I can tell you I would have fought tooth and nail against turning life support off, in the hope of a new medical breakthrough or some kind of miracle
  12. Post match vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    Haven't watched the game yet buy what's the main takeaway? We're still shit?
  13. Next PM | #NoMoBoJo

    Truss' comments about Sturgeon being an attention seeker who should be ignored are ridiculous. Then Sunak tops that by saying the SNP are too dangerous to ignore. Feck sake. I'm more of a federalist than someone seeking independence. But if these are the kind of comments that the Tory...