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  1. Trent Alexander Arnold

    TAA would definitely struggle in a team that has to do a lot of defending. Unfortunately he doesn't play for a team like that....
  2. Champions League Round of 16 Draw | United vs Atletico

    They are thick as feckin mince
  3. Football, skin color and perception

    Doesn't this post alone strongly suggest there is unconscious bias at the very least? And this post highlights the epitome of that bias in action.
  4. Liverpool 2021/2022

    Brighton looked excellent yesterday, for my mind deserved all 3 points. Dunno about the hype though.....isn't that the dippers unbeaten in 24 games in all comps? I wish our 'struggles' were of a similar nature ...
  5. MEN: Cristiano Ronaldo holding the Manchester United dressing room together as players question Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    Ole has got to go. Think he's always been a puppet, really, and never one who was going to upset the applecart. Needs to be stronger with players and crucially those above him. If he was, I think he would have objected to the return of Ronaldo, as not being what we required at the start of the...
  6. Worst Performances In Premier League History

    Hundreds of fans streaming out of the gate before half time? Booing VERY loudly at half time? Then thousands of fans leaving after booing? I don't give a shit about any other team. This was Manchester United. This was at Old Trafford. This was with one of the most expensive teams ever...
  7. Zinedine Zidane - 3 time CL winning manager without a job

    Cons: - Is his footballing philosophy/coached style of play obvious. Well that's something that one certainly could not accuse Ole of......
  8. Football phrases that grinds your gears

    At this moment in time (McManamanaman) this moment could be in any other time, or a parallel universe.
  9. Do we have the sexiest team in the league?

    I'd much rather we were playing beautiful football and on top of the league with a handsome points total.
  10. Was it a red?

    Fair enough :lol:
  11. Was it a red?

    I find that remark slightly insulting. I could respond with "anyone who had functioning eyes in their head could tell it was a reckless tackle" ......but I wouldn't stoop to those depths
  12. Trent Alexander Arnold

    So would we swap Wan Bissaka for TAA?
  13. Was it a red?

    It all depends on the angle you come in from with the tackle. If he was running alongside Elliott with Elliott being on his rhs then it could have been a fair challenge as his trailing leg would have not come into contact with the other player. The issue with the tackle from this particular...
  14. Was it a red?

    In my eyes - reckless. Two feet off the deck jumping into the back of another player at an angle. Or have I missed something? The fact that the ref didn't even whistle shows his complete incompetence at refereeing.
  15. Was it a red?

    Wonder what grief he was getting? Difficult to argue that those supplying it aren't muppets, whoever they support. Reckon Elliott should keep his trap shut, and maybe if I was that club's publicity manager I'd be encouraging and if that didn't work enforcing this. I still can't believe some...