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  1. Premier League Gameweek 24

    I don't see for the life of me how the commentators think the penalty award in s questionable. The angle from behind shows Gündogan's standing leg was kicked clear as day. Stone waller.
  2. As Rugby refuses to take the knee, is it time the Premier League stopped too?

    Yeah but he’s one of the properly dark ones and has a hairstyle like one of those rappers (you know the rappers they have now?)
  3. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    Fun Khal.
  4. Mcmanaman and ‘’Fletch’’

    Drury and Beglin/Townsend? Motson’s pairings with both Brooking and Lawrenson are the worst of all time for me. Motson was clueless and shrill, Brooking was the most boring man on Earth and Lawro was miserable.
  5. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    It’s an Anglosphere issue to an extent but also prevalent in most large countries that already speak one of the major languages. Competence in foreign languages is historically pretty low in France, China, Russia and many parts of Latin America. Smaller states like Denmark and the Netherlands...
  6. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    I believe the Anglicised pronunciation comes from the myth(?) that his parents were big Lionel Ritchie fans. Even if it were true, Cristiano’s parents named him after Ronald Regan and nobody calls him “Ronald-O”.
  7. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    I love when Yanks say “Erzil” for “Özil” because English people describe Ö and “er” ignoring the fact that they don’t pronounce R sounds after vowels.
  8. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    Professional broadcasters still pronounce the GOATs name as you would for Lionel Hutz so are you really surprised?
  9. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    All the rest use the hard J, which is just as incorrect. Can’t remember ever hearing it said properly in England.
  10. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    Mark KinSELLA was another one. There must be some Irish pundits around who could have had a word.
  11. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    Not getting the middle vowel sound is understandable because it’s a pretty unfamiliar sound. Annoys me when people say “De Broyn” and just ignore the final E though. Reminds me of a bloke I knew who insisted on pronouncing Schalke to rhyme with chalk.
  12. Weird feelings of football

    A club is basically the fans though, isn’t it? On the other hand, I’ll stick with your criteria as it winds up Rangers fans.
  13. Pronunciation of footballers' names

    Once you realise that the final D in Norwegian and Danish is silent it all makes more sense. Aa/å is also pronounced like “aw”. The Danes are like the Portuguese with their mumbled words ignoring half the consonant. Schmeichel is “Smy-gl” and Jørgensen is “Yön-sn”.
  14. Weird feelings of football

    Good post :)