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  1. Redcafe Snooker

    Well done Ronnie, i still love you.:D
  2. Redcafe Snooker

    Hendry always does the second half of the final session to be fair, well if there is one.
  3. Redcafe Snooker I was just venting, sorry.
  4. Redcafe Snooker

    Talking purely on talent, and the fact that he's been at a high level for 30 years, he should be on 10+ world titles by now. If Stephen Hendry had the longevity of the class of 92, he certainly would of been after a 30 year career.
  5. Redcafe Snooker

    A 'cool' younger pundit for the younger audience, or to bring youngsters in. Problem is Jack literally talks like he has an IQ of 50, and basically talks a lot without actually saying anyhting, Shearer style.
  6. Redcafe Snooker

    I was always a big fan, and still am, i'm just annoyed by whats happened in the final. Its just all the wasted years, the bad attitude, walking out of tournaments, not entering tournaments not 'caring'. Those 7 or 8 years in the middle of his career. I just think what he could of achieved, what...
  7. Redcafe Snooker

    Not as devastated as he will be if he bottles this final, oh but of course he 'doesnt really care' does he.
  8. Redcafe Snooker

    Even though i'm a big Ronnie fan, and have been for years, that would be seriously tested if he bottles this final. His tiresome (but often funny) interviews are already testing me lately, but bottling this on the eve of his 'true' coronation as the best ever, well that may be one step too far...
  9. We'll finish fourth | Actually, we'll finish seventh

    To be fair, a few games ago it seemed almost impossible, and now here we are with a realistic chance. Football can change so quick. Having said that, i dont think we have the mentality to grab fourth.
  10. Can we get anything out of the Liverpool game?

    We cant defend so no. Even another Ronaldo hattrick probably wouldnt be enough to get anything.
  11. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    It just seems whoever the manager is, we are still inconsistent and often shit. Maybe thats showing that all the problems are not soley on the manager, and a lot of our players are just not good enough for a club our size, and a club expected to challenge for trophies.
  12. Do you want Ronaldo to stay or to leave?

    Are you trying to suggest our shit defence this season is down to Ronaldo?
  13. Do you want Ronaldo to stay or to leave?

    Hey i hope Ronaldo stays if we dont get Top 4, i just dont think money is his ultimate priority. Of course he could be happy at the club, and in Manchester. There were reports one of the main reason he came back is because he wanted his kids in good English schools. Maybe he will be happy to...
  14. Do you want Ronaldo to stay or to leave?

    After scoring 21 goals in this shit team, and so many of those goals have been match winning or match saving goals, well i shudder to think where we would be in the table this season if he hasnt signed. Having said that, if we dont get top 4 then he's 100% gone, and i cant blame him to be...
  15. Ronaldo will take Rooney’s record

    At his current rate he's on for a 40 goal season, assuming no injuries, and starting most games.