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  1. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    Well that's ridiculous. You know perfectly well he'd be injured...
  2. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    That hasn’t stopped Ole picking Maguire ;)
  3. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    Yeah Ole seems to have completely lost faith in him. Presumably he has good reasons, but I’d love to know what they are.
  4. Predict our points tally by November 1st

    Yeah him as well. Still think Arteta is the more Legolike.
  5. Predict our points tally by November 1st

    Win the first three :drool: Get overconfident and sloppy. Lose at Newcastle. Easily beat Chelsea, who are still having trouble getting the new signings to gel. Lose to Arsenal. Tactical masterclass from Mr Lego Hair.
  6. Wot, no transfers? Not really, no.

    Indeed. And if they can’t get rid of Smalling, what chance do they have with the rest of them?
  7. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    Well if they’ve been empathic we’ve no chance :lol:
  8. Times: Finding buyers for the dead wood is Manchester United’s biggest challenge this window

    If we can’t even agree a sale for Smalling, what chance have we with Jones or Rojo?
  9. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    Glad it's not just me. Though lots of people seem to be taking it dead seriously.
  10. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    Smalling and Blind :drool: This
  11. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    Quality wise we were miles better than a very poor Southampton team we succeeded in holding to a 0-0 home draw only a few months later. By then any attempt at coaching a coherent attacking side had been completely abandoned. I had been generally supportive of Jose up to that point. There was...
  12. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    It didn’t start off that way though. It was obvious there was a plan while Zlatan was in the team, even though the execution wasn’t always great. After Zlatan’s big injury Jose could still organise the team for the odd game (the Ajax final, some of the CL ties the following season, the...
  13. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    2-2 at home to Burnley. Messe Lingod :drool: I’m not gonna argue with you there!
  14. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    I can’t stand him these days and thought from the start he’d be a bad appointment for United, but I don’t think this is really accurate. Pretty much the only enjoyable thing about his tenure was our fairly regular comebacks. Which seemed to indicate that either the players didn’t hate him as...