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  1. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    He is specifically defending “the system that has been put in”. Which is apparently an improvement over what was in place before. The only change I’m aware of is that instead of buying average overpriced foreign players, we are now buying average overpriced British ones.
  2. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that LvG really didn’t rate Chicarito; he sent him on loan as soon as he could and on his return only seemed to play him to prove that he was no good. Welbeck on the other hand was a key player in LvG’s first pre-season. As far as I can remember he was pretty...
  3. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    I’m absolutely certain that fans wouldn’t have had such a negative view of Fellaini had he been used correctly in his first season. If he’d been creating havoc in the oppo box he’d soon have carved out a niche as a cult hero. As it was he was utterly useless and got inextricably linked with...
  4. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    Oh I dare say you’re right. It’s the Ole fans’ fudging that gets to me. To my simple mind: Ole says he’s happy with the squad/transfer business and actually is happy with it = he’s completely deluded. Ole says he’s happy but is faking it = he’s a yes man. Lots of people seem to believe he’s...
  5. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    Or Woodward really is the DoF and Ole really is just a yes man who will say anything to retain Woodward‘s continued patronage. Which, if true, is really sad.
  6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    Another difference is that Woodward had no investment in Moyes whatsoever, as he had little or nothing to do with his appointment. Sacking Ole is going to to result in massive loss of face.
  7. Would no money spent in January indicate Poch in the summer?

    I think that some fans believe, and the club certainly wants us to believe, that everything has now changed and the bad old way of doing signings is gone for good. We have been told that statistical analysis and some sort of United DNA detector are now in operation to ensure that the right...
  8. Guess Woodward's next press leak/briefing

    Looks like Ashton has been hired to protect Ed, with the Glazers thrown under the bus if necessary. I wonder what will happen when they notice :)
  9. Would no money spent in January indicate Poch in the summer?

    True, but it assumes that the players we (the club) identify as the right ones will actually turn out to be the right ones.
  10. Should we just hope a new manager fixes it

    I have often felt that some recent years' signings have come about not from scouting or managerial demands, but as a result of the player's agent calling Woodward and explaining why it would be a great idea for United to sign that player. I can offer no evidence that this is the case, sadly...
  11. Ole's "Mark Robins" Moment

    What @FrankDrebin said. Forest won the league cup and finished four places above United in the league that season. It's true that we endured several absolutely shocking runs of form that season, and had been all over the place results and performance-wise the season before. What the "Fergie was...
  12. Glazers / Woodward out!

    You are right. I was in the SAF close to the Stretford and only heard the anti-Glazer stuff starting after the second goal. The atmosphere in the first half was pretty flat but by no means hostile.
  13. Last Man Standing 3 2019/20 | 312 competitors, down to 217. Entry closed.

    ‘Cos we’re Top Reds and not spoiled entitled plastic fans, obvs
  14. Post match vs Burnley

    Ageist bollocks. I’m 62 and wouldn’t have been brushed off the ball as easily as Lingard was tonight.
  15. Post match vs Burnley

    We stayed until the end. Such a stupidly late kick off meant there was no chance of a post-match curry, so we waited for the crowd to subside. Had to endure the ignominy of rejoicing Burnley fans on the way to the tram.