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  1. Post match vs Burnley

    You actually have to replace the players you're shipping out though.
  2. Its not all Woodward's fault…(don't hurt me)

    The guy is woeful at negotiations (wages / transfer fees / contract renewals) and seems to micromanage quite a bit (wouldn't release funds for Mourinho in his last season). I've never understood how the narrative that it's impossible to sign players in January has come from either. He has no...
  3. Post match vs Burnley

    They are just incompetent. A money making franchise needs to keep winning. This isn't like NFL. We're already losing CL revenue on top of having wasted hundreds of millions on really shitty players and out of date managers.
  4. Post match vs Burnley

    You're saying the team we put out was not capable of beating burnley at home?
  5. Post match vs Burnley

    pathetic display. so many false dawns. feel sorry for the fans in the stadium.
  6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    Surprised this isn't getting enough attention. It's honestly as bad as Moyes' quotes.
  7. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    That freekick
  8. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Plenty more to come sadly
  9. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Absolutely. Fred and Matic as our two available CMs is absolutely horrid
  10. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Can't we just keep playing Williams?
  11. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    If Lingard comes out in the second half I don't think I can trust Ole's judgement. Either of Pereira or Greenwood would be a massive upgrade on him.
  12. Arsenal vs Manchester United

  13. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Just when I decide to change my vote to Keep in Ole sack thread, we get Lingard and Matic starting and this shit performance
  14. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Lingard is so shit.
  15. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    I was in sack ole camp earlier in the season but I see signs of improvement in the team and it seems like we'll just restart the transition all over again if we sack him this season. Also we're competing for fourth now so I see no real reason to sack him. Would be prudent to give him another...