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  1. ManUtd updated schedule - 4 games in 8 days | Roma, Villa, Leicester, Liverpool

    Just close your eyes, forget my name
  2. ManUtd updated schedule - 4 games in 8 days | Roma, Villa, Leicester, Liverpool

    I'm crying at how pathetic your post is. That is I would be if I gave a toss about your short-sighted opinion on the matter.
  3. What’s your best case outcome from these protests?

    Chelsea have already taken the first step. Always easier if a peer takes the step because you can point and say, why not us.
  4. Would pressuring sponsors be more effective than protesting against the Glazers directly?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You have to be a troll. Come on, mods.
  5. Protest at Old Trafford | Match postponed

    They might keep the ownership but it sure as hell won't be comfortable for them. And that's good. If you want to cause misery for the millions of United fans, they sure as hell have the right to cause misery for you in any way they can. Let's see how thick their businessman skin is.
  6. Is there anything Redcafe could do to help target the owners?

    They've put up a notice already :lol:. If you are going to go in, make sure you make it sound plausible. Too lazy to take a screenshot but below's the text. This profile has seen a significant increase in reviews. Although we understand you want to voice your opinion about things in the news...
  7. Jose Mourinho - Roma manager (from 2021-22 season)

    He is quickly becoming the Portuguese equivalent of a Pardew or Steve Bruce. He started out way higher but his fall from grace and ability to get a job having failed spectacularly is definitely on par with some of the PL's favoured managers.
  8. Jose Mourinho - Roma manager (from 2021-22 season)

    No fecking way :lol:
  9. Fergie meeting with PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi

    Interesting but you'd think there are nicer places for them to meet than at the Lowry hotel. I guess it's easier for Fergie.
  10. Swiss Ramble twitter thread on Glazers ownership

    Right. That's why the moment they lost 100m in gate receipts, they took another loan out, instead of using reserves they should have accumulated across a number of prosperous years. This is like saying (and I'm simplifying) that losing your job for 3 months immediately leads you to use a credit...
  11. Do you agree with the protest today?

    I told you to stop lying and I'll repeat it again. I said it was strange the authorities were not prepared since that's their job. I did not say it was the police officer who was at fault. Seriously, can't you read?
  12. Protest at Old Trafford | Match postponed

    This club is not reaching a £7bn valuation with the trend in current TV rights. We have about 600m in annual revenue, that's already 8x of the current asking price. With little to no growth on the horizon and need for investment + competition from rich clubs, I seriously don't see why markets...
  13. How far are you willing to go to get the Glazers out?

    You need to stop lying. People are being asked what they'd tolerate to rid us of these awful owners. No one here wishes us to be relegated. Enough with this twisting of words.
  14. Do you agree with the protest today?

    You keep going on about this level of violence but you've provided zero to no examples? Do you expect everything in life to be black-and-white? There were 10000 people at the protest yesterday. Less than 5% got into the stadium (which I support despite it being technically illegal, we've seen...
  15. Fans who were against today's protests

    We need a tag for the people who don't approve of a protest, unless a 100-page constitution has been drafted in advance. I can think of a few.