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  1. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    2 more defeats.
  2. How long did it take you

    Started from the Villa game. Finished 5-0 at Pool.
  3. Next Manager

    Zidane might struggle in the PL. I also think that he's had a superstar team at Real and isn't really used to building a team from scratch.
  4. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    I've backed him from day one. I've been one of his staunchest supporters till now, I have even argued for him with people here. But unfortunately, he has run his course. I have been a little shaky on my stance since the Aston Villa defeat, but rather its gone from bad to worse. This cannot go on...
  5. Should we sell Dan James? - Leeds move confirmed

    I didn't think we would sell him tbh. But here we are! Right decision?
  6. Players who scuppered their careers due to bad career management

    I think one thing is not working out for a club (which is quite understandable) and happens a lot. But there are others, particularly young players, who have messed up their careers with a wrong move.
  7. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Where can I get the code to join the CAF league?
  8. Manchester United sign Raphael Varane! (not in time for Leeds)

    So Varane is travelling on Monday(?) - 2nd August, and the UK quarantine rules are also getting updated on the same day. How long before he can actually have the medical and sign? Can someone explain the quarantine rules? It seems he would have a 2-day quarantine (after proof of private...