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  1. Martial | Di Marzio thinks he will stay

    If this season is JM make or break season, the club is making a big mistake to allow JM to make the decision on Martial future cause with every passing week our attacking player and style is regressing. Its not coincidence that Pogba, Alexis and our other attacking outlet not knowing what to do...
  2. Martial has got to remain at United | No, he hasn't been unfollowing United players on Instagram

    Its useless to put him on when chelsea already in defensive mode.
  3. Jose Mourinho | 2017/18 Assessments | Poll Added

    Should have played Martial instead of Rashford as a striker. And never play Valencia again as RB, he offers nothing from there
  4. Marcus Rashford | 2017/18 Performances

    He lost the ball that led to the goal. He didnot fight back to win it.
  5. Do we need an experienced backup striker?

    Nope..we have player that can do the job in Martial and Rashford. Theyve showed it under Van Gal. Shame they still dont get JM trust.
  6. Transfer Tweets - 2018/19 | Remember if posting foreign language tweets to post in English too

    The problem when you still have Fellaini in the side is not to expect beautifull flowing football to come. But the most strange thing is it seems JM willing to change his gameplan to accomodate Fellaini than to use it to let his creative players do the magic.
  7. Caption Contest: Do the Mou

    "Hey...we are playing Watford at home, Five at the back..five at the back..!!!"
  8. Mourinho says it will be difficult to catch City next season

    You cant catch up City if : 1. your midfield still consist the Afroman. No matter how creative and talented your forward players are, the tactic will just be hoofing the ball. The actual gameplan will be sacrifice to accomodate the Afroman. 2. Your fullbacks still learning how to make good...
  9. Anthony Martial | 2017/18 Performances

    Do they who want Martial to be sold really trust JM judgment or because the love they have in JM? I mean how could you trust a Manager that has endless love for Fellaini and the one who failed to identify the weakness in our Fullbacks position for 2 consecutive season yet he complaining that he...
  10. Marcus Rashford | 2017/18 Performances

    Its not his fault. He is trying too hard to impress the Manager because the chance is hard to come. He needs a proper guide cause he is better than this. Even AOC flourish under Klopp.
  11. Players to bin - April 2018 edition

    Jose Mourinho
  12. Martial has got to remain at United | No, he hasn't been unfollowing United players on Instagram

    People want him gone. But theres no guarantee other talented player will flourish under this current regime. All of our talented player suddenly become poor and terrible at decision making and reached the level of Fellaini skill. This current team is coached to defend not attack. And still...
  13. Martial has got to remain at United | No, he hasn't been unfollowing United players on Instagram

    Wow. This bring the debate to another level. Incase you have short memory. Many fans here watch his debut goal against Liverpool and that beatiful goal alone has put him in special place in United history. Adding to that reminder above, his winning goal against Everton in FA Cup semifinal...
  14. Mo Salah

    What a nice player to have in your club. You can always sure goals will come when he plays. Fair play to Liverpool, seems they always have the tradition to have one world class attacking player every season. I miss our legendary No. 7 back.