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  1. Which youth product(s) will breakthrough next season?

    I can see Garner doing it but no one else really
  2. How bad do we really think it is?

    I don't think it's too bad at all. Actually, I think ten Hag will be praised as the second coming of Ferguson because we'll be very competitive starting this season after coming 6th last time. I think our squad is not that bad at all and with a couple of good signings, addressing key positions...
  3. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go…

    We need 2 good players in each position, just like City do for example. From the 3 players you've listed only Shaw fits that criteria, but he's very injury prone. Telles is a bum. We don't know anything about Fernandez. Having Shaw and Malacia likely solves our LB problems for many years to...
  4. Frenkie de Jong

    Someone's frustrated :lol: Literally all 6 of these decisions would be idiotic
  5. Harry Maguire | 2021/22 Performances

    Let's come back to this next summer when he's completed a season in a functional team and a good midfield in front of him. Because that's on one player out of the whole squad, isn't it? :lol: And you're saying that I am the one taking the piss? :lol: I agree, he's not captain material. But a...
  6. Harry Maguire | 2021/22 Performances

    That's why he's spent 7 seasons in the Premier League so far, won players' and fans' player of the season at both Hull and Leicester, instantly stabilised our mess of a defence in the 19/20 season (36 goals conceded from 54 the season before), got even better next season (20/21) and topped that...
  7. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    But that was apparently a fluke spectators and other teams having a bad season...funniest shit ever. It's like other teams played their games with full attendances except us.
  8. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    This is something that people just don't realize. If you're just a passenger on the field, not willing to ain't gonna fit into a top team in 2022. And people who say where would we be without his 24 they believe that we would've played 10v11 without Ronaldo? There...
  9. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    That's why we finished with 16 more points and league goals the season before. :lol:
  10. Can Conte win a title for Spurs?

    I think we drowned under the pressure of letting Ronaldo go to City so we basically undermined our whole season and it resulted in getting Ole sacked, and going to 58 pts from 74 the season before. Had we signed a DM instead of Ronaldo we probably would've finished third again and would be ready...
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo (Out)

    Neither parties were serious about each other, but sure, make things up :lol:
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo (Out)

    How come we finished with 16 points less than the season before + everyone scored significantly less goals after Ronaldo arrived? :lol: He's a fecking problem and we'll be much better off without him.
  13. Who potentially replaces Ronaldo?

    Toney is a great player and I'd take him over Ronaldo right now even if the latter didn't want to leave. You listing him as an example along with someone like Joshua King is pure laziness and you assume Toney is mediocre just because he's English and plays for Brentford.
  14. Cristiano Ronaldo (Out)

    Will be a blessing in disguise even if we don't sign a striker, mark my words. So many people saying "dont blame him", hahah fecking cucks. It's clear as day he doesn't give a feck about United, would've joined City last summer without a second thought, also left us when we were on top of the...
  15. IF ole and woody were still in place, how different would our transfer targets be?

    Time will tell. If ten Hag really is an elite manager like everything suggests, then I don't see why those 4 players couldn't be key players for a top team.