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  1. Raheem Sterling

  2. Frenkie de Jong

    Not a doubt in my mind especially with Barca spending big bucks all of a sudden.
  3. Lisandro Martinez

  4. Lisandro Martinez

  5. Frenkie de Jong

  6. Raphinha

    Someone call the DHS because it's hijack SZN
  7. Frenkie de Jong

    Barcelona spending big money hmm...
  8. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go..

    Be that as it may, he was also the first one to report that we were hijacking the deal tbf :lol:
  9. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go..

    Welcome lad, feel like he'll be a top pro and hopefully a top player eventually for us
  10. Christian Eriksen

    Would be odd that that's what would sway him :lol:
  11. Youri Tielemans

    Signing him up for £25m would be smart business tbh. Going from the likes of Fred and McTom as our main recognizable midfield options to the likes of FDJ, Eriksen and Tielemans would be such a raise in quality. Even VDB under ETH should bring out the best in him
  12. Raphinha

    I know the scum would be sickened over losing out on an extra 20m just cause :lol:
  13. Frenkie de Jong

  14. Matthijs De Ligt

    50m + Harry?
  15. Matthijs De Ligt

    That last line...:nervous: