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  1. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Playing another suicidally high line and a absolutely zero width on the right...
  2. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    2-0 down against a Soton side without their best us something please Ole
  3. Jack Grealish

    Damn you autocorrect :lol:, got too many groupchat insults saved :nervous: But yea his off the pitch decision making has been a bit worrying this year judgement wise. Hope he doesn't fully lean into all the Gazza comparisons because he should be on of England's star players in international...
  4. Jack Grealish

    He's becoming quite the proper player but can't help but feel he might be a bit of a nuisance off the pitch with all these different infractions
  5. Telegraph Football: Man Utd looking to appoint director of football this summer

    Not believing a thing regarding a potential dof until an official club announcement. Been down this road far too often before...
  6. U23s - Manchester United vs Spurs

    Would be such a blow if we lost a proper talent like Puigmal Really hope something is in the works regarding his future at the club
  7. Mason Greenwood | 2020/21 Performances

    Some of the names he finished behind is an absolute joke... Also been quite jarring the direction Fodens treatment in the press has taken in contrast to Mason
  8. The Media Targeting Greenwood

    Glad to see pushback from footballers and ex club legends in support of our lad Sad that even Ravel himself gets inadvertently dragged into their disgusting targeting campaign
  9. The Media Targeting Greenwood

    Curious how Foden's name hasn't been dragged through the mud half as much since then isn't it, only our Mason.
  10. The Media Targeting Greenwood

    Wish Fergie was still around to rip these garbage tabloids a new one for targeting his young starlets
  11. The Media Targeting Greenwood

    I don't envy being a young footballer nowadays honestly, sure there are nice perks but the neverending microscope your professional and private life are under has to be draining. You might be dealing with seriois stuff internally and all of a sudden the press and social media run rampant with...
  12. The Media Targeting Greenwood

    Truly despise the international breaks, always ends up turning into a field day against the club and it's players. Disgusting that Greenwood has become the press's new Sterling