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  1. F1 2021 Season

    Fans always go crazy for the next big talent to challenge the best in F1 it’s always been like this. Alonso got when challenging Michael, Lewis got it against Alonso, Seb too and Max (Lando to lesser extent) against Lewis.
  2. F1 2021 Season

    Let’s not forget the start of this race, if Perez didn’t have to yield his spot he’s have been 3rd. Max was incredible today btw except that start.
  3. F1 2021 Season

    Round this track the RB is clearly the faster and better car. RB pace in practice, qualifying and the actual race proved all that.
  4. F1 2021 Season

    It’s been like this 15 years. You image the glee he has when he’s the focus of an ep on Drive to Survive.
  5. F1 2021 Season

    Max is lucky it was Perez in 3rd.
  6. F1 2021 Season

    F1 my choice of sports for the day.
  7. F1 2021 Season

    Horner will do it though won’t he, he loves it.
  8. F1 2021 Season

    Well second practice sure was interesting.
  9. F1 2021 Season

    Lewis being most popular in 45 + and most in Brazil is news to me. Monaco being in the GPs remain critical to all fans is rather sad. Just 6.7% agreed that the “introduction of sprint race has improved the show". Surprised it's that high but they apparently want more next year.
  10. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    Ole did good but he's taken it as far as he can. It should be now but it won't. His coaches all got 3 year deals a few days ago. Only chance is Ronaldo won't take this shite any longer so you'd hope it will be quicker then Moyes and Jose.
  11. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Another one to Fury. 3 US judges with a 10-7 round has me worried.
  12. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    These camera angles are annoying. I don’t wanna watch a fight behind someone’s head.
  13. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Wilder looks a little tired already.
  14. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Fury listening to Sweet Home Alabama while warming up is funny.
  15. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Slightly delayed because Wilder is having issues with his gloves apparently.