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    I’m closer to the Ole out camp, which I hate to admit. However, looking at the atrocious display against Liverpool, it’s not just on Ole. Shaw made four mistakes that led to four goals, of which Maguire was also partially to blame. Before their...
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    Fixed that for you.
  • Anathema - nice word!
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    Then Shaw needs to step it up. His defending has been poor of late.
  • Looks fitter and quite a bit faster than last season. Looks promising!
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    Fred should have scored, and Rashford hit the bar, and was a world class tackle from another clear cut chance. First half alone. That is three much bigger chances than what Atalanta scored from, but paint what ever picture you want.
  • If you don't fancy the United Way, and you don't fancy the manager. Why fancy the club? What is left of the club if we just act is we are City? Is it success at all costs? What LVG did ruined so many things for the club. He restructured the way...
  • I can see you talking about it plenty.
  • Yeah, that was some spooky voodo shite going on right there. Must have a Bruno doll in his attic. What was Klopp right about? And how did he get away with that, alongside most of his antics? Mourinho was punished for opening his mouth.
  • Well. We all like to say that when we benefit from it. United have certainly benefitted from it in the past. Over a decade I’m sure it evens out, but we can see how susceptible refs are to comments from certain managers, such as Klopp’s comments...
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    I thought you were a good poster, but are you drunk tonight or something? Salah is a world class player. No doubt about that. Would gladly take him to United. You can have Martial in return.
  • Fernandinho should notmally have a red every match he plays. Fabinho a yellow at the very least. Today was simply atrocious from the ref. First he gives nothing for the tackle/incident on Foden early on. Then he proceeds to give a City player a...
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    This! Pool were outplayed and relied on individual brilliance (and an incompetent ref).
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    Why? They were completely outplayed today.
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    They were still terrible in that first half and were ultimately very lucky to finish with eleven players. Both teams were sloppy in the first half, but Pool were awful. How many shots did they have on target?