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  1. Juventuz goes into meltdown

    Totally agree. One of the GOAT’s wasting 3 years there is vomit inducing to be honest. Them blaming him for scoring at an insane rate whilst they drool over the likes of Dybala tells you all you need know about the fanbase. Imagine blaming a player for not doing more than score all those...
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    Eh? We created tonnes of chances, if not for Atkinson being a cnut and Fabianski having a good game we should have scored 4 or 5. They didn’t crate any clear chances iirc, their goal was a huge deflection as well. We’ve been scrappy in some recent games but we played well today.
  3. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    The first one was the stone wall one for me, said that earlier, MOTD seem to agree as well. It’s just a stone wall penalty, sticks a leg out after getting done and catches the player and none of the ball. I can laugh now but if not for De Gea I would be absolutely bouncing with rage.
  4. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

  5. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    I think we can all see them slightly differently but can agree to get none of those pens was a joke from Atkinson and VAR.
  6. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    Each to their own but if the third one is blatant so is the first one imo. The last one Ronnie has lost the ball, in the first one he’s in on goal and has no reason to go down.
  7. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    Agree. The first one is arguably worse than the obvious Zouma one :lol: Thank feck we won becuase im still furious even with the 3 points
  8. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    THIS one I think is every bit as stone wall as the Zouma one. He’s thrown a leg out across the player and got nothing on the ball, nothing, just puts his leg across Ronaldo’s and apparently some are saying this could be a ‘soft’ one? Nah, that is a penalty any way you look at it.
  9. How good was Park Ji-sung?

    Brilliant little player. Unreal engine, like Kante level engine, underrated technically as well. Gave you the option of unlimited energy and came up with goals as well, especially against Arsenal :D
  10. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    Two stone wall in my opinion. How anybody could say we didn’t deserve a single penalty I think is mental. You will see penalties given for these EXACT challenges all season. If not then apparently defenders are now apparently permitted to throw a leg out or dive across players without...
  11. FAO Mark Noble

    Love how the pundits mention him being thrown off the bench for a pen and it being stupid but play it down massively when that was exactly what Southgate did with Rashford and Sancho
  12. Raphaël Varane | 2021/22 Performances

    He looked absolute class today, unlucky with their goal. I think both him and Maguire have another level they can find as a partnership as they get time to play together.
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    Yeah I see what you mean, we have been a bit scrappy even in our wins. I think part of that comes from trying to integrate three players into the starting 11 immediately and even more so due to doing that whilst our midfield is performing shite. I’m buzzing with the result as well but I’m...
  14. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    Eh? You can’t say that. I’m the guys biggest fan but we are very much playing to him as the point of attack now he’s here. We would be doing alright but I’m just glad he’s here. Should have had a hat trick today. Great to see him back in United red.
  15. Declan Rice

    He was about as good as Scott today, not sure what people are seeing? We had tonnes of chances, record attempts in the first half for this season alone. Couple of decent interceptions but some were from awful passing from Fred and one galloping run up the pitch don’t really do it for me...