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  1. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    Ralf said Martial didn’t want to be in the Squad. Martial said he would never refuse to Play for United. Both statements can be True.
  2. 100 corners, no goals

    Do they practice taking them at Old Trafford? Maybe at Carrington they are flying in!
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    It was funny how the commentators were criticising Ronaldo after the first and second goals. Yet at 2-2 he wasn’t mentioned. Funny how Ronaldo is the problem only when United are winning without him…which is once in a blue moon.
  4. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    He looked half asleep when he came on. Elanga doesn’t need to worry about keeping his place if that’s Jason’s best effort.
  5. Post match vs Aston Villa

    aye aye aye Manchester United
  6. PL Title Race

    Playing with a 12+ points gap is hardly the most stressful circumstances to perform under, but credit to them they make it look easy.
  7. Mail: Wayne Rooney says 'Manchester United have to be a top-one team, not top-three' following Ronaldo interview

    Well said! Then you have Gary Nev on Sky Sports saying the players are whingebags. Sure Gary, the only difference from when United were winning titles every year is that the current crop of players moan more! :rolleyes:
  8. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    While United have totally failed to control any match since Ralf has arrived, the goals against has improved greatly. Build a solid foundation first and worry about playing pretty later.
  9. Dean Henderson | 2021/22 Performances

    One good thing about Ralf going upstairs next season, plus having Fletch on the side lines (at present) is that the players cant simply fall back on "waiting for the next manager" because the current manager is going to pick the next manager! Ralf wont forget that Dean walked out and wants out...
  10. Manchester City reports revenue of £570M for 20/21. A season without fans.

    Good luck to them…football is just a business these days. Moneyball at its finest!
  11. The media-pedalled notion that we should drop Ronaldo

    Ronaldo = more clicks If he’s in the team they want him out so they can write bs about it. Once he’s out they will want him back in to write even more bs about it.
  12. Eric Bailly (Out)

    They won’t even want to pay all his wages either so why bother.
  13. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    It’s a great time for the managers to show their skills. Ralf is having to learn about his team, learn how to be a manager again and learn about English football, all at the same time. But playing Villa back to back will give him a chance to tweak his approach and hopefully show an improvement.
  14. Post match vs Aston Villa

    United will never “control” a game with a midfield of McFred. Talk of adding a DM isn’t going to help with the control aspect either…they need a Carrick/Pirlo type passer in the middle of the pitch.
  15. Mason Greenwood | 2021/22 Performances

    A lot of the players are so low on confidence that when they get the ball they want to have far too many touches. The whole team is guilty of it not just Mason.