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  1. Will the English ever bloody forgive Mr Pigeon? No

    I forgave him decades ago. He may be generally a complete item of a human being but what a player. Without doubt the most fouled player in history who usually just got back up without whining and beat you again, heart of a lion, ability to carry an average team to victory etc All this before...
  2. Was Andreas Pirlo underrated?

    I don’t really care about who rates him and whether it’s too much or too little etc etc. He played the beautiful game beautifully! How it should be played. That for me is all that matters.
  3. The moment Ibra lost my respect

    He’s a bit of a dick I’ll grant you that but I imagine most vastly overpaid young sportsmen living in a bubble designed just for them are too!
  4. Matic/Fred/McTominay - do we really need to sign a new DM?

    Yes we do! For most of the reasons mentioned here! Too much is always better than ‘omg why didn’t we.........’
  5. Man United want Alexis Sanchez back from Inter loan - says random report in January

    Commiting Seppuku would be the honorable thing to do......
  6. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    Great post, just sorry I can’t like it. Football comes nowhere near as important as the love most of us have for our families (there will always be 1 oddball somewhere)
  7. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    For a manager clearly learning on the job I’m quite impressed recently. This is not how it should be for a big club but it is what we have and we should get behind him until at least seasons end! Just imagine a manager learning on the job developing a young team into champions. It really would...
  8. Daniel James | 2019/20 Performances

    Plays like his arse is on fire. If he can learn to calm down and relax a bit will be so much the better player. Coaches need to ban him from running full tilt and concentrate on letting the ball do some work!!!
  9. Where does Pogba fit in?

    1 He fits on the bench fighting to prove he wants it and is good enough for it 2 He fits on the transfer list if 1 is not good enough for him. The team has moved on, I’m not sure he wants or deserves a place unless injuries dictate. It may just be time to cash in and buy a shiny new right side...
  10. Post match vs Manchester City

    Oles gonna squash ya!!! Im pleased with that. The only downer is it hastens the scousers victory party but nowt to be done about that now. 2 or 3 quality additions and we might actually be on the cusp of something good :)
  11. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Dan James it is officially time for you to become Redcafes blame monkey of the month!
  12. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Jose used to be entertaining, witty etc which is why his negative traits were easy to overlook. He has run out of jokes and is a man out of his time, negative is all that is left! Time to let go and allow him to slide into oblivion!
  13. Police investigating abuse (including alleged racist) directed towards Lingard

    I see the word and grammar police are out in force. You know damn well I was not advocating the type of abuse he received for whatever reason, so please don’t even hint that I am! He is a bad footballer getting vastly overpaid for his limited talents, not bad for somebody who can pass for 15...
  14. Police investigating abuse (including alleged racist) directed towards Lingard

    No excuse for racism ever. Some of his performances are worthy of abuse but beyond that it’s abysmal behaviour worthy of a life ban!!!
  15. Everton's Disallowed Goal

    Even if it’s not exactly blocking the keepers LOS a 6foot blob on the ground is going to at very minimum be a ‘distraction’ especially if it was moving about. So in practical, logical terms it’s offside for me. Emotionally though I’d be gutted if it was given against us so I can see Evertons...