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  1. Chris Armas | New Staff Member

    Wait he’s an American? feck. Do we really need Ted Lasso 2.0 coaching us?
  2. Chris Armas | New Staff Member

    Up in Armas with this decision
  3. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager

    "I keep receiving information from Qatar that the Emir and his entourage are beginning to lose patience with Mauricio Pochettino. They don't like how PSG plays, their locker room management and the poor performance they get from Lionel Messi who they see misplaced." He gone.
  4. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager

    You know it’s bad when even Messi realises that individual brilliance will only take you so far.
  5. Rashford and the offside conundrum

    Those are just total offsides, my question was average per game. The fact he's up there already despite only playing 1/3 of the minutes is crazy. He's averaging an offside per 45 minutes. Vardy who has the most offsides is averaging one every 72 mins.
  6. Caption Competition

    Kenwood juicer
  7. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2021/2022

    Bet won for me, 2-0 lead so early payout. Missed sitters all game and then conceded with the last kick of the game. Fools. League isn't won either, if they lose and Molde win they lose the league on either goals scored or goal difference.
  8. Cricket

  9. Is Fred the worst regular starter for United in living memory?

    Mods please don't close this thread. Rashford went to shit the moment you locked the "burst Rashy's bubble" thread.
  10. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

  11. Rashford and the offside conundrum

    He must be averaging the most offsides per game in Europe for the past couple of years?
  12. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    We need to kick the ball out for goal kick so we can start pressing high again
  13. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Not a fan of that sub.
  14. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Why is Ralf asking McKenna for advice
  15. Craig Pawson

    Another clueless ref.