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  1. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    :lol: Thats unfair on the many comrades in this thread who are simply supporting there manager or club.
  2. Old Trafford modified to hold 23,500 spectators

    Agreed, and then only in tier 1 regions.
  3. Old Trafford modified to hold 23,500 spectators

    Has the German experiments on this revealed anything about covid19 risk? I think the clubs calculations are that with only 30% of normal crowds, staggered entry and exit times, social distanced seating and mandated masks, and it being an outdoor events, they can eliminate risk of spreading...
  4. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    We are allowed 5 subs in this game, which allows Ole some tactical freedom. ie: we can go for an insane pressing game, ask players to run themselves into the ground, and then swap out for fresh players on 60 mins. With better squad depth that RBL, this should play to our advantage...
  5. Old Trafford modified to hold 23,500 spectators

    Strategic press release to put pressure on Government. But I cant see how it can be justified while Manchester is under tier 3 status.
  6. The MMA thread

    Nothing wrong in this post from my POV but all we have established is there are several ways to view things. But then we all know this. IMO, the journalist should have established this and failed in that regard. My thanks for a good and robust discussion.
  7. The MMA thread

    There seem to be two conversations going on here. 1. The Report Sure you can, but be empathetic to the person you are criticising. A journalists personal views are worthless. It's their job to live in the views of their subject and tell the story from this perspective. They may then...
  8. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Team is impossible to predict :lol:
  9. The MMA thread

    I have grown up and live in the same western world that McGregor did. So there is no bias or lack of empathy when I criticise him or hold him accountable against the standards of his culture. Not sure what is so hard to understand on this front.
  10. The MMA thread

    When did I say others couldn't draw their own conclusions. You can do as you like.
  11. The MMA thread

    And I’ve already written a response to that. The article is flawed and extremely biased as it looks at Khabibs decisions from a solely a western view. Not sure what else I can add if this is what I believe?
  12. The MMA thread

    What’s new about any of it? I know about the incidents and I’d expect most people on his situation to act the same. Is everyone who voted for Blair or took a photo with him a war criminal too?
  13. The MMA thread

    What’s coming back on me? I don’t care a jot what you think or say in the matter so all this is a waste of time on your part :lol:
  14. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    Same here :lol:
  15. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    Roy could hold his own too