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  1. Name a better footballer than Phil Jones - Twitter UK

    It's inviting loads of pathetic weiners to post "my nan" and suchlike abuse. It's totally inviting abusive comments to mock someone.
  2. Name a better footballer than Phil Jones - Twitter UK

    Solid. From the platform that allowed Wiley to post bile for hours
  3. Europa League 2019/20

    Nice one. Well done Rennes.
  4. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    Yep - his whole demeanour was a strangely casual, "yeah, it was private, i don't go around chatting this in public, but the good news is i'm back next year" erm...where's the apology, even if it's an insincere one!? Instead it was some twaddle about how he could have hoodwinked them that it...
  5. Adama Traore

    I think we've had just that little taster of how he'd be received by our fans with the Dan James threads. Yes he's more of a handful with the brute strength, but still way too kick and rush for what we're trying to be. And don't get me wrong, I was a massive kick and rush merchant when I played!
  6. Europa League 2019/20

    Nice one Lescott. Sevilla are "one" of the favourites apparently. Presumably with us and Inter. Maybe Shaktar in there too :lol:
  7. Europa League 2019/20

    So in this situation, is there another club who will benefit? Or just the place re-allocated a different way?
  8. Europa League 2019/20

    Presumably Arsenal winning the cup having finished 8th, steals the last Europa place from 7th.
  9. Europa League 2019/20

    Totally this. It feels like we've played them 20 times this last couple of years.
  10. Europa League 2019/20

    Because one of the best Spanish teams have snuck a late single goal victory against our 7th best team?!
  11. Europa League 2019/20

    In my best Barry Davies voice "LOVELY GOAL"
  12. Adama Traore

    They're both fast. Any other comparison is bonkers.
  13. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    The fact he's lived in England for a decade I think he said, and in his tweets admits he can't condone it to English people, totally wrecks his weak alibi that it's some sort of "cultural" thing. Just bizarre all round. Bet the Fantasy lot were really hoping he'd slip out of the top 3 in the...
  14. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    He tried the "Suarez defence" of trying to make it a cultural thing. Would be interesting to know who exactly is on that little FB group. He called them "friends", but is that literal, or like a lot of online types, is it more a group of people he doesn't actually know from Adam. The latter...