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  1. Expensive Signings

    United have had more misses then successes with these expensive signings. Rather then splashing out on the likes of the Paul's and Harry's of this world lets see if this new approach brings more success. Exciting times.
  2. United and these crazy contracts

    Is United the biggest name in British Football, the most successful club in British Football, and one of the biggest names in World football only way to get players to the club is by offering crazy money and just plan insane contracts. United have a whole bunch of deadwood that would do okay in...
  3. United's In's and Out's

    In - Donny Van Der Beek Mateo Mejia Marc Jurado Alvaro Fernandez Dean Henderson - Returns from Loan Out - Alexis Sanchez Have I missed any we did not sign Messi over the weekend did we...
  4. Romero Romero where art thou now

    So with Henderson signing a 6 year deal with does that leave Sergio?
  5. Messi and Ronaldo

    So Messi has asked to leave and Juventus want to sell CR, hypothetically of coarse if United got both these players in, would United walk the league?
  6. Zinedine Zidane the coach

    Not a bad player was Zizou but proving to be a pity fine head coach to. Real Madrid La Liga: 2016–17,[266] 2019–20 Supercopa de España: 2017, 2019–20 UEFA Champions League: 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18 UEFA Super Cup: 2016, 2017 FIFA Club World Cup: 2016, 2017 He has only been around for a...
  7. Crazy never going to happen Transfer Rumors.

    So here we are its silly season and of coarse the silly transfer rumor the press will make up. The one I saw today so The Great Dane Peters son Kasper could be on his way to Old Trafford.
  8. So who do you play Paul or Fred v The Foxes

    So who gets the nod in the Cup Final - me Ill go with Fred.
  9. The Trump Presidency

    I have replied to the same points because people have replied to my posts. Ill move on from Nancy now.
  10. The Trump Presidency

    Can you speak Zulu? sorry my dots are not in the right place Ill try to improve. So people have cried blue murder that Trump wants to open up the country to early putting money before lives, but if Nancy does it its out of concern not notice the irony there.
  11. The Trump Presidency

    And yet he argues the democrats are to blame, who to believe. We can argue until we are blue in the face but take a look around the world and see which country was prepared for a crisis this large. Sad that people are losing there lives but even in a lock-down people still ignore the...
  12. The Trump Presidency

    And yet people respond to my posts cant be that poorly written I just believe I thrown a spanner in your works and you don''t like it. Anyway do what you want wife is complaining Im spending to much time on this page anyway.
  13. The Trump Presidency

    When in your wisdom was a good time for Trump to close the country down, now don't forget Nancy was promoting social gatherings after the Travel ban from China. So when in your opinion was it good to close the worlds biggest economy down.
  14. The Trump Presidency

    That's your hypocrisy right here on this comment you all scream blue murder on how this virus has effected much of American, killed Thousands and yet when Trump issued a travel ban from the epicenter you ignore the signs and party like its 1999. Its Trump to blame for that is Trump to blame for...
  15. The Trump Presidency

    So no freedom of speech or alternative views strange that seeing that we have so many people that believe that is a human right on this page. The Chinatown parade was in February surely it would of been nice for her to not listen to Trump but listen to the WHO and learnt about social distancing...