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  1. The Trump Presidency

    I have replied to the same points because people have replied to my posts. Ill move on from Nancy now.
  2. The Trump Presidency

    Can you speak Zulu? sorry my dots are not in the right place Ill try to improve. So people have cried blue murder that Trump wants to open up the country to early putting money before lives, but if Nancy does it its out of concern not notice the irony there.
  3. The Trump Presidency

    And yet he argues the democrats are to blame, who to believe. We can argue until we are blue in the face but take a look around the world and see which country was prepared for a crisis this large. Sad that people are losing there lives but even in a lock-down people still ignore the...
  4. The Trump Presidency

    And yet people respond to my posts cant be that poorly written I just believe I thrown a spanner in your works and you don''t like it. Anyway do what you want wife is complaining Im spending to much time on this page anyway.
  5. The Trump Presidency

    When in your wisdom was a good time for Trump to close the country down, now don't forget Nancy was promoting social gatherings after the Travel ban from China. So when in your opinion was it good to close the worlds biggest economy down.
  6. The Trump Presidency

    That's your hypocrisy right here on this comment you all scream blue murder on how this virus has effected much of American, killed Thousands and yet when Trump issued a travel ban from the epicenter you ignore the signs and party like its 1999. Its Trump to blame for that is Trump to blame for...
  7. The Trump Presidency

    So no freedom of speech or alternative views strange that seeing that we have so many people that believe that is a human right on this page. The Chinatown parade was in February surely it would of been nice for her to not listen to Trump but listen to the WHO and learnt about social distancing...
  8. The Trump Presidency

    Thinking that if Nancy did not want to listen to Trump surely WHO warnings should of given her some insight of the nastiness of this virus. There is the problem right there in American the one side hates the other so much no matter if something good is said it will not be followed because of the...
  9. The Trump Presidency

    Firstly I m not trolling and why would I bored on Lockdown, I know very well that this is we hate Trump page and everyone has there opinion but because mine is slightly different why call it Trolling and boot me of the page where is my freedom of speech. I have not insulted anyone but been...
  10. The Trump Presidency

    I know that but the biggest risk and not to sound racist would be hanging around people that would have or could have family and contact with people for mainland China, surely in a pandemic it would of being better for her to not of gone there seeing she is now blaming the massive deaths in the...
  11. The Trump Presidency

    My point is that on both sides of the political spectrum there are nutters, not all trump supporters are like these guys and not all left-sided thinking people think like a mad feminist well maybe Peter Van Der Gea does :) , hell here in South Africa you would not believe the amount of Africans...
  12. The Trump Presidency

    Trump issues a travel ban to the country where this outbreak originated from, warming to Americans that he is trying to do his bit to curtail a virus from the source now before someone spins this has raciest which we know the left side like to do. Surely the biggest way of capturing the virus...
  13. The Trump Presidency

    Really no kidding it's in America I did not know thanks for pointing out the obvious. Why does the champion of complaining about Trump's reaction to lockdown walk around Chinatown after Trump travel ban? You can't see anything wrong with that. Oh so you ignored the warmings to and now complain.
  14. The Trump Presidency

    Stop with the insults Peter your hurting my feelings you don't have to reply to my posts but I think you like to. Trash talk and yet you just insulted my dead mother wow lovely.
  15. The Trump Presidency

    Did I once ever say I agree with what they did no, I just pointed out that there are nutters on both sides of the political spectrum both sides? I asked a valid question why was the tear up the state of the union address paper Nancy walking around Chinatown after Trump had already issued a...