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  1. What made you support United?

    Giggs, as Wales' only great footballer when I was growing up it was the obvious thing along with Cardiff in the old second division
  2. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Sporting need to sell, United need to buy - It's a stalemate on price and both clubs are playing chicken with the deadline approaching. The best move United can make is to make a lot of noise on the plan B target so Sporting start to be scared they won't close the deal and face 6 months of...
  3. Donny Van De Beek

    He adds much needed depth to an already shallow midfield, and most importantly has time to settle in before the inevitable departure of Pogba in the summer. With the (almost certain) exit of Pogba and Matic in the summer and Perreira, Lingard and Mata not being the quality for consistant top 4...
  4. Emre Can

    He would be a stopgap whilat McTominay and Pogba are injured and a decent rotational player to replace Matic. Not a starter for a top 4 side but any bargain improvement should be snapped up. 9 players leaving by my reckoning so an easy replacement/improvement shouldn't be ignored.
  5. England's best right back?

    TAA as first choice by a long way at this point. AWB as a bench option if a single goal lead needs defending.
  6. Fred | 2019/20 Performances

    Give this man/woman a gold star. Too many people judging our midfielders incorrectly.
  7. Who should be our #10 or Advanced AM?

    I want to see McT, Fred and Pogba get 5 starts together in a row to give them the chance to develop a relationship. I see this as the best potential given the squad we have. Matic, Pereira, Mata, Gomes to rotate in for the cups and strategic resting.
  8. Rate our current Transfer window

    Have gone from a sieve defence to potentially the strongest defensive back 4 in the league. Unfortunately the problems extend more than one area, James is a punt at future success, and as much as the youth show promise its too soon to rely on any of them. The most obvious problem last season...
  9. Harry Maguire | Signed

    Look at it this way; £50m for Maguire and £30m to not need to rely on Jones, Smalling or Bailly
  10. Harry Maguire | Signed

    Apart from Leicester
  11. Bruno Fernandes | United not interested due to doubts over passing ability

    Not that i think it would happen but: Bruno replaces Herrera, Dybala replaces Lingard/Mata and it's the same formation as last season. It also provides the ability to rotate would allow for some players to get a much needed rest
  12. Gay footballers

    It would be great to see a number of players coming out within a short period of time of eachother, I would hope it would shorten the amount of crowd chants/abuse given which I am assuming will be a given. When Rubgy Union and League have managed to move beyond the chanting heared at matches...
  13. Why did we buy Fred?

    I'd prefer to see Fred over Matic should a quality CDM not be bought. He seems to have good determination and moves pretty quickly and has a better pass than Matic.
  14. Good enough for top 4 next season?

    Optimistic thinking is that the start by Mourinho won't be repeated and the run in was just a strange blip after the emotions of the OGS start. We will massively improve CB, RB, CM and either CF or RW while Chlesea and Arsenal are unable to improve on what they had last year with both losing...