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  1. Aston Villa vs Manchester United
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  2. Rashford | takes on the government over free meals for kids - and wins

    Incredible by Rashford. What a fantastic use of his platform, his successful campaign will ensure over a million children across the UK and millions of parents have one less thing to worry about. Take a bow.
  3. Manchester United vs Manchester City
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  4. Everton vs Manchester United

    That is the confirmed XI. Looks like a diamond then.
  5. Pogba Future

    Put it on Twitter now too. Circus.
  6. Solskjær press conference vs Wolves (H) | Ole: "I don’t think we will do any more business, no. I don’t think so"

    He also said "whatever happens, happens" - he's keeping the door open.
  7. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    It is his agent, but he has unliked the tweet. Whatever that means. Probably nothing.
  8. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    He is a BBC reporter.
  9. Watford vs Manchester United

  10. Watford vs Manchester United