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  1. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    The centre backs who should start for us at the Euros are Ferro/Dias, they are used to play together and Pepe/Fonte are declining, anyway sooner or later it will happen. And Ferro is better than Dias anyway. Regarding Tapsoba I can see Vitória receiving good money for him, would be great for us...
  2. The relative strength of the Premier League

    @Classical Mechanic Read my post bellow, this wasn’t used to say it’s crap, only the same logic to what happened a few years ago elsewhere, there’s always differences, but between Spain and England will always come the overall better performances in Europe.
  3. The relative strength of the Premier League

    Last season the Premier League teams had a big advantage over the Spanish teams, this season is balanced, I only used the same arguments used here in the past to dismiss La Liga, what is happening now is what happened in the beginning of the decade between Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Guardiola vs...
  4. The relative strength of the Premier League

    Honestly the mid table teams look better but Liverpool aside I don’t see any improvement on the top teams, don’t see any specific reason to say it’s the best league in the world beyond it’s popularity and marketing around the world. Surprise surprise is it was needed Klopp or Guardiola in the...
  5. UEFA Euro 2020 Main Draw

    Well if we play something similar to what we played In the 2 games against Ukraine we have no chance to qualify. We need to improve a lot, the only positive thing of being knocked out is maybe Santos will be replaced, but then somehow he will remain because they will use the quality of the group...
  6. Italian Serie A - 2019-20

    Don’t take him seriously, he thinks Fernando Santos is a great manager. Enough said.
  7. Italian Serie A - 2019-20

    Blatant lie. Just rewatch their game against Inter. They were miles better than them.
  8. AZ-player Calvin Stengs horror injury

    I never payed attention to him but he certainly looked a level above everyone in the pitch, certainly Dutch football is producing great players again. Not surprised with that anyway.
  9. AZ-player Calvin Stengs horror injury

    Incredible player, at least looking him at under 21 level, completely destroyed Portugal. Looks like the Dutch Sane, really good to watch.
  10. England pre Euro 2020

    Howe, Dyche, Potter? For the future maybe Lampard, Gerrard, don’t know much about the current Swansea manager, but he won a under 17 WC with England. There are different options, but how many want to leave club football anyway? Sorry, Wilder and Dean Smith, forgot to mention them, they are more...
  11. England pre Euro 2020

    The problem is the best English managers don’t want to stop their careers at club level to go into the NT. Anyway that’s not only a England problem, you just look at the current NT managers around the world and how many of them are great?
  12. Internationals October (Euro Qualifiers + Friendlies)

    Terrible performance for Felix, playing for Simeone has been great for him I guess... Next game in Ukraine 1 point is enough, they are more disciplined than Serbia.
  13. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    If by being rated by people who actually follow youth football and knew the player had potential? Yes. If being rated means the idiots who run the club and the the coaches who apparently didn’t knew how to take his best from him? No. He already had 2 good seasons previously on loan, maybe a...
  14. Italian Serie A - 2019-20

    IMO one of the best games Ronaldo played recently and the stats won’t tell it, it’s clear Juventus is improving, and playing for Sarri will benefit him from an individual point of view, with this I am not blaming Allegri, it’s only a different type of football, not saying one is better than the...
  15. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    If I was a Spurs fan or Everton fan I would like to have someone like Howe managing my team. I was working so when I arrived and checked the final score was it too much Bayern or is that a sign that this players don’t click more under Pochettino? Anyway, on another note it looks the Real...