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  1. Can Conte win a title for Spurs?…

    Not winning the League no. But a cup and CL spot is looking a good bet.
  2. Richarlison / signs for Spurs

    I dont mind Richarlison but no way is he worth 60mil.
  3. Bissouma at Spurs

    I think it was a bit of a no brainer for Spurs, you had, before Bentancur came in at Spurs, Winks and Skip to partner Hojbjerg. Skip has had injury troubles and is more one for the future, Spurs should have moved Winks on a few seasons ago, just not a top 4 midfielder and Bissouma is a clear...
  4. Pochettino sack watch | PSG Manager

    A good not great manager, behind Conte, Pep, Klopp, probably Tuchel as well. Think he works best with younger players he can really bring his all action style of football to, that hard and fast press from the front on transition game he instilled at Southampton and Spurs.
  5. Conte | Spurs Manager

    Romero could low key be one of the best CB's next season, he really looks the goods. Dier had a good season, I never really rated him much in a back 2, but looks like marshalling a back three from that central position suits him. I made a comment about not having creativity in midfield, another...
  6. Conte | Spurs Manager

    What? That you don't need creativity in midfield because your wingbacks are on the same level as TAA and Robertson?
  7. Conte | Spurs Manager

    When you have full backs as good as Robertson and TAA you don't need much else, a combined total of 27 goal contributions from these two last season. Phenomenal.
  8. Liverpool 2022/23

    I think that is plenty up front for three positions. I'm sure there are some talented youth players waiting for a chance to impress in cup games as well.
  9. Conte | Spurs Manager

    I think they will be hard to beat and break down with that workmanlike midfield. But what do they do against those teams that just want to sit 11 players behind the ball and play out 0-0 draws? I just don't see enough going forward from a midfield of defensively minded DM/CM's. Granted they...
  10. Liverpool 2022/23

    Im not so sure, Diaz was brought in specifically for this reason, Mane out, Diaz in, Liverpool were covering their bases. Spurs have brought in a 33 y/o squad player in Perisic, a backup GK in Forster, and Bissouma, who I do rate but doesn't turn them into title contenders. And Chelsea have...
  11. Conte | Spurs Manager

    Pretty much this, a good player, no more, no less, will put a foot in and do the dirty work in midfield, what you expect from any competent DM. But he is never going to be the go to player to drive his team up the pitch like Dembele did or pick out that defence splitting pass like Modric. Im not...
  12. Spurs 2022-2023 thread

    Skip has had a lot of injury trouble and will have to see if he can bounce back from that and remain fit, Lo Celso certainly did not. Sarr? Who? If you get Eriksen, yes good option to come on if it's still 0-0 around the hour mark and try and unlock those kinds of teams that will just sit in a...
  13. Spurs 2022-2023 thread

    That front 3 can easily win them games if the midfield and defence can keep it tight and restrict other teams. Still think they are light in midfield, three players to cover 2 positions but have to compete in four competitions. My only concern would be not a lot of forward play from the...
  14. Spurs 2022-2023 thread

    It's his CL record that is poor. I dont think there is any questioning of his pedigree from a league perspective. If you look at the PL table from the time he took over Spurs to the end of the season, in that period, Spurs were the second or third best team in the league for points accrued.
  15. Everton - What next?

    Has Poch been sacked by PSG yet? When it happens Everton should waiting to pounce.