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  1. Lock in your measured response to dropped points against Southampton now

    :lol::lol::lol: No mate, we should win all games from now on. Leicester away will not be a walk in the park and i expect a win there will be very hard. We need to beat Sotton, Palace and West Ham to be sure. I haven't been this excited about a United team in the last seven years, it looks like...
  2. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    Squad player performance tonight
  3. Andreas Pereira vs Jesse Lingard

    Never thought i will say this but i think Lingard is slightly better and has done more for us than Andreas
  4. Tahith Chong | 2019/20 Performances

    I would be really excited about him if i hadnt seen the likes of lingard & co turning 25 and still not being the quality we require.
  5. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    Ill pass
  6. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    I say by november he is gone
  7. Juan Mata | Official: Signs two-year contract with option of a third

    I prefer I rmean i would rather have Mata than Lingard on the bench.
  8. Juan Mata | Official: Signs two-year contract with option of a third

    Id be happy if he signs, he wont be a regular starter but hes a good option.
  9. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    Fair enough
  10. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    I was bidding for some players, and for the first time nobody hijacked any transfer. In the meantime i was travelling abroad for work and i forgot about it. I sold a player now, and i think i am in line with FFP. What is the punishment?
  11. UEFA Champions League Quarter Final fixtures (9th - 10th, 16th - 17th April 2019)

    :lol: From one point of view I really like VAR.
  12. Is Herrera making a bid for Captain?

    I think Herera is the best captain material we have. His only flaw in this respect is the ability to have a voice based on his performance on the field - if he is maintaing a good level of performances he should be captain. Pogba comes second due his quality as a footballer that recommends him...
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United | FA Cup

    First time i listen to Hassielbank"s punditry. He looks like he"s struggling, and what is with that accent? Is that a thing?