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  1. Players that have won two leagues in the SAME season

    Billy McNeill managed both Man City and Aston Villa in the same season - with both clubs being relegated.
  2. Television Overrated TV series

    *regrets Username choice*
  3. Touted wonderkids who made no impact in football

    Freddy Adu, Sonny Pike and Nii Lamptey are the 3 that always spring to mind for me.
  4. King Eric - 23 Years Later

    This. Never idolised another player.
  5. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Surely the vast majority of clubs still have players? Buying stock to sell isn’t the same as buying players to play.
  6. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Better analogy would surely be a clothes shop hiring a load more staff to do the job of staff they already have.
  7. Name every player from Sir Alex's Title wins

    Colin McKee - moved on at the same time we sold Neil Whitworth.
  8. Humiliating Defeats aka Totally Destroyed

    I moved to Newcastle in 1995 And worked nightshift in a Tesco. I went to work that night with my Utd top on. i knew I was getting slaughtered so I thought I’d brazen it out. At 1am, we went for “lunch” - put my food down and went for a slash. Came back and all my stuff covered in 5-0 stickers...
  9. United XI from one nation

    Scandinavian - not we;l balanced but I like the frontline Schmeical lindelof berg Johnson sivebaek blomquist Olson djordic Zlatan Larsson Ole
  10. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness or memes please)

    Anyone know if the children of key workers have to go to school? I’m an office worker, working from home - other half is a key worker. i’ll be at home to look after them - they will be at work. I Don’t have time to drop off and collect 3 kids each day - and we can’t utilise our parents as...
  11. Which old match still annoys you?

    3-3 with Liverpool after giggs/Irwin had us 3-0 up. Draw with West Ham, giving Blackburn the league. Those still boil my wee all these years on.
  12. What made you support United?

    Moved from Scotland to England (place called Slough) in 1987. Had no interest in english football at all but back then, there was nothing about Scottish football in the papers. So started reading about the English football instead. Started work in 1989, and a year or two later was working for 2...
  13. Lego Old Trafford to be released

    well, aside from the fact a MILF probably gets laid. arrgh. Misread your reply.
  14. Do you still watch when we're 3-0 down?

    Ever since we went 2-0 to city in a match in the 90‘s and came back to win 3-2, I almost always put a game off at 2-0. I’m not normally superstitious but any time I don’t put it off, we go on to lose. We usually win when I do. think we are fecked now though as I wasn’t watching at all.
  15. Scottish Football 19/20

    Did I really see Morelos do a throat slitting gesture at least twice after being sent off?