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  1. Can we get a result at Leipzig?

    It’s so frustrating that we’ve not put the group to bed already though. Two very frustrating defeats. We absolutely can get a result there, but I don’t think we will
  2. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    Seems almost scared of taking people on. Not sure if he’s carrying a knock. They were terrified of him though.
  3. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    Absolutely awful all season typified by that pathetic performance tonight. Score one of his chances and we go through offered absolutely nothing all game. Fully expect him to be picked again on Saturday
  4. Manchester United vs Paris St Germain

    That’s an absolutely disgraceful decision
  5. Manchester United vs Paris St Germain

    That’s a red. fecking idiot
  6. Champions League | Matchday 5

    Im still fecking fuming that we lost to these

    Absolute nonsense

    What really annoys me about this is how hung up people get on the word 'personality'. I've always taken it to just be a fancy word for person.. Mad to think people try and discourage somebodies sporting achievements because they don't believe they have enough banter
  9. F1 2020 Season

    They should pick, at random, any one person who has said that Hamilton's job is easy because he has the best car.
  10. BBC: SPOTY

    Hamilton will win it. And deserves too. Fury will be 2nd I'd have thought. If his fight with Wilder was more recent, there is every chance he would've won it. Henderson will probably be on there too. cnut.
  11. F1 2020 Season

    Can't wait for Bottas to lose to the replacement driver
  12. FA to investigate Edinson Cavani | This thread is taking a break

    It’s a shame you’ve not taken his initial post for what it was
  13. FA to investigate Edinson Cavani | This thread is taking a break

    Because it's easier to apologise for how other people may have taken the post rather than trying to educate people why it isn't offensive when they've already made their mind up that it is.
  14. FA to investigate Edinson Cavani | This thread is taking a break

    To be clear.. He's apologised on behalf of idiots who can't educate themselves that other languages contain words which may sound similar to offensive english words, but in actual fact, aren't offensive at all. Banning all words which may be perceived as offensive is fecking stupid.