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  1. Fred | 2021/22 Performances

    Really garbage player
  2. Declan Rice

    Phillips is also a good player. There's a reason England and West Ham are doing very well at the minute and it ain't Southgate. Not saying Rice is solely responsible
  3. Declan Rice

    I've watched Rice for England and he's looked great. Would love him in a United shirt, miles better than our current options and I've never understood why people rate him so poorly here.
  4. Who here wants us to beat Leicester?

    Absolutely not. Lose to Leicester with reserves 4-3 in an end to end entertaining game and smash Liverpool basically secures us both 2nd in the league and causes one of our rivals to miss out on Europe's biggest competition. That would be the perfect scenario.
  5. Premier League Gameweek 35/36

    That's a red but it's never going against City.
  6. Liverpool are the worst defending champions in Premier League history

    Agreed Leipzig are not that good. We fecked that up!
  7. Television The Witcher | Netflix | There are book spoilers here

    I watched 3 episodes and loved it so far. Script isn't amazing but the characters are great. Just like The Witcher 3 game which I loved as well
  8. Tennis 2019

    Rafael did play better at the end, but Medvedev definitely threw it away Wasnt the best quality game in all honesty
  9. Television His Dark Materials

    I didnt really like the girl who played Lyra or Roger either, they were annoying. Loved the books so hopefully she will grow on me. Gypsies were a bit shit as well. Felt a little rushed but all good, only the first episode so had to set the scene, characters etc and it's a big story to tell.
  10. English cricket 2021

    Not many by the looks of things. Remember when Broad made a test match hundred? He's now #11 :O As long as Smith is not out Aus have a chance as he can quite easily make a double hundred but you would think we have enough.
  11. English cricket 2021

    Yeah agreed. Australia are miles better than us and will win the series, but at least we had that Stokesy innings.
  12. English cricket 2021

    Root's out early, predictably. Should be pretty comfortable now for Aus.
  13. English cricket 2021

    Both teams are pretty bad ... one of the worst england batting line ups in some years, though.
  14. Current starting line up

    First XI looks ready to challenge for 6th with Everton and Leicester.
  15. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    I think it's fine, WC final, plenty of overs left and he can hit a few boundaries in a row no problem. Plus he's their best player.