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Oct 25, 2010
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Hoser, from Just want to see Scholes hit a volley.

Mathematics Jun 11, 2014

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    1. Jamie777
      1. shamans
        Aug 3, 2019
      2. Jamie777
        I started a conversation with you about buying a football club but you haven't got back to me?
        Aug 3, 2019
    2. red4ever 79
      I will buddy. Nice talking with you. I'm new on here so its nice to make a friend
      1. shamans
        You too!
        Jun 29, 2016
    3. red4ever 79
      Cool. I deal with co workers from Pittsburgh all the time. 6 hours behind me
      1. shamans
        well if you ever deal with someone from North Carolina let me know!
        Jun 29, 2016
    4. red4ever 79
      Don't work too hard buddy. It is 10pm cet time here
      1. shamans
        East Coast America! :)
        Jun 29, 2016
    5. red4ever 79
      Hi Shamans. I was reading the situation with you and your gf. You sound like a nice guy and I am sorry for your troubles.females can be complicated sometimes but your lady sounds a little bit emotionally young. Give her time and if she truly cares she will contact you
      1. shamans
        Hey thank you for your message. At work right now so can't give a more indepth reply. I should have given her time I guess but I just messaged her that we should talk on phone. Hopefully we can have a mature conversation for once but I am not too hopeful. Thank you for the comment!
        Jun 29, 2016
    6. shamans
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    Just want to see Scholes hit a volley.
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