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  • Not because of one bad game. I have predicted this for a while and I fear it might be the case: Bruno is a very good player and the past year is evidence of that but I always feared he would not sustain the form he has shown for the past year...
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    The signing of telles has lit him up. Brilliant. He has a fat bum as well. What more can you ask..
  • It might be a ballsy and weird move but in such big games when possession is not plenty i wouldn't bother starting him
  • He thinks he's ronaldo again.
  • Some may be fans of him due to off the field stuff which I understand. They probably can't seperate the person from the player. The person is world class. The player was atrocious today. The offsides, the missed passes, the running into traffic..
  • Been saying it for a while. Stats mask his abilities. One of our most overrated players.
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    What's disrespectful is the players you would have left out to have freaking pirlo in an all time world XI. @Nedved , here's why I maintain Pirlo is overrated.
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    No one is saying he was bad at all but Scholes has never been deemed surplus to requirements his whole career while Pirlo has been a few times if I'm not mistaken.
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    I was wrong. I realized this in December but still a bit too late. I get it now. I get even if we lose games again we need to stand behind ole.
  • For the short attention span haters there are countless videos on youtube that show his long passing.
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    He's better than VVD.
  • He's a top top player. You guys must be expecting every attacking player to be full of the neymar youtube tricks. It's his first season in the Prem. Ffs..
  • I thought he had a good game. Came in here expecting you all to exaggerate how good he was (as is often the case with our academy products) but criticism?? I must have seen something else. Was commanding and solid.
  • really don't get it. Was ole forced to sign him?
  • This is something I have never rejected. He has. My problem was (and to be honest still is ) if he is the manager capable of taking us to the next level. I think that that's a different ask then pulling us out of the ditch we were in