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  • Clearly didn't see the game. Also smashing a penalty into row Z is a bit different than falling short of a comeback hattrick second time in a row.
  • I don't think so. I also don't think this proves anything about either player but just don't think Barca is anywhere near as bad as this Juve squad.
  • Messi has not once played in a team as poor as this one. Higuin is 32. He was 25 when playing with Messi in Argentina.
  • :houllier:
  • It was like watching a man stuck with pensioners. Sarri is an idiot. The fact Higuin gets to play with Ronaldo, what more can I say. He was doing it all today: dribbling past defenders, scoring goals. Even a half decent side and they've gone...
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    Any chance garner plays?
  • Phil Jones was an 18 year old wonder kid. Smalling came into his own a bit late.
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    I agree with this but shapiro supporters do not. They believe the woke crowd are slowly suppressing American freedom and all that's good. Its a fair number of closet and open racists mixed in with some incels mixed together.
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    When was I ever a Shapiro supporter! I'm just not (very) pro bernie :D
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    Yeah a lot of serious people listen to him too. If there was Islamic version of Shapiro who had the same opinion he has towards say jews they would be jailed and banned (and rightly so)
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    I am not some far left guy and I gave Shapiro a fair shot. Read parts of his book despite the cringe title and listened to his podcast. Its like a parody. Its so bad. Hes extremely good at masking racist ideas as logical.
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    Pretty much. A friend of mine loves him. Pre orders every book listens to every podcast and he was bullied at school im pretty sure. A lot of his fans are like that. Theyre more just angry at society and want a safe space to vent and talk crap...
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    So just how good is he? I'm guessing not a Mason level talent?
  • I really cannot fathom how someone can watch our games weak in and weak out yet not see how good Maguire is on the ball. His mistakes/short comings aside, he's obviously very good on the ball.
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    You have to look at Ben Shapiro. A man who has books on how America was found on "judeo-Christian" values :lol: