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  1. F1 2022 Season

    Does singing certain rap songs uncensored in the shower count as outside the public eye? Asking for a friend.
  2. F1 2022 Season

  3. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    No, just 3 and Knuckles. It's uninspired. Compared to bangers like these...
  4. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    I knew about it but the games have been released in countless collections over the years with the music included. What's changed now?
  5. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    Sonic Origins doesn't have the Sonic 3 & Knuckles music. Honestly, why even fecking bother?
  6. Mo Salah | Choccy: He gone | Choccy gone

    He had sources everywhere, from football to wrestling. God speed.
  7. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    Ten Hag at De Jong's unveiling... Honestly, what the feck is with him...
  8. Television The Umbrella Academy

    Holy shit, the kid is the most annoying child actor I've seen in years.
  9. Television The Boys

    When did Starlight last properly use her powers?
  10. Television The Boys

    The understanding nod that guy does when Hughie says; "Not right now. My asshole needs a breather." :lol:
  11. Television The Boys

    Agree. It was good advertising but there was nothing absolutely jaw-dropping in it. Tiny Man crawling inside the dick and sneezing was waaaay more shocking than anything at the Herogasm party.
  12. Manchester United star Hannibal Mejbri poses with a hand GUN whilst on holiday with his friends

    Boring poses. There's enough of them there to do a Charlie's Angels tribute and they fecking BOTTLED IT!
  13. Abortion

    At least they're nice enough to add it on to the bill and not demand cash up front while holding the baby just out of the mother's reach.
  14. Abortion

    Also, I don't know if it's just Reddit making stuff up, but apparently there's a charge for the mother holding the baby after she gives birth. Something like $50 for "Skin to skin care".
  15. Television The Boys

    "Lick it up, you yummy brown bear." :lol: