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  1. Are the premier league sides ahead of the rest of Europe these days

    My point was on style of play and not really whether Liverpool are a good team. Pool are currently amongst the best teams Europe, but they don't look like they are dominating every game. They have spells of pressure and spells of being pressured. City on the other hand can make any team look...
  2. Are the premier league sides ahead of the rest of Europe these days

    Not really. This is very knee jerk. City are perhaps one of the best squads in the world with a top manager. They turned it up against Madrid, and the only team that can really compete with them in this form is Bayern. Liverpool (despite their result this season) aren't as dominating in...
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    Don't understand the Ronaldo criticism here. He looked like the only player who could do something about the scoreline yesterday, and Lyon did a good job blocking him with 2-3 players every time he had the ball in a shooting position. Yet, he scored a wonder goal. The failings yesterday was...
  4. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Saw the Juventus game yesterday and they were completely out of ideas. The most obvious thing to do in that case is to give the ball to one of the world's best players to bail you out, but for some reason, they didn't utilize him anywhere as much as they should have (especially after the wonder...
  5. Sanchez's return | is not happening - he signs for Inter

    For me, Sanchez represented every thing that was wrong with United over the last 5-6 years. I'm so glad he is gone. 1. Huge wages. 2. Not bothered to show up in games. 3. Too much media frenzie around him. 4. No logical reasoning for the signing, as his position was well covered that...
  6. The constant media calls for us to replace Martial

    Martial is very under-rated by the press - and that has the Jose overhang to it. Jose never rated him as a no. 9 and moved him out wide. Martial never got a look in at that position during those 3 years. The press started believing that he is a winger because he enjoys going out wide and...
  7. Manchester United vs LASK

    Isn't this game at home!
  8. Sanchez's return | is not happening - he signs for Inter

    Bruno wasn't a star when we signed him. He was a top player in the Portuguese league. He is becoming a star now!
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær needs more time and respect at Manchester United

    Nice bump. This thread seems to be ageing well. May it remain this way.
  10. The Official Manchester United Podcast: Update with 3 New Episodes - Dwight Yorke / Jim Ryan / Robin van Persie

    The Van Persie episode is the closest we've got to some of the behind the scenes stuff during the Moyes and LVG stints. There is a lot more which will come out whenever we start winning things again, I'm sure of it. But this was a very good listen. Loved how balanced RVP is in his overall...
  11. What is more likely? That United get much better or that City and Liverpool get worse?

    We'll win the league! Nah. Let's evaluate at the end of the transfer window. If we get Sancho, a CDM and a pacey CB. I do see us coming along much better. Top 4 will be secured. If the board dithers again, a golden opportunity would have passed us by.
  12. Frank Lampard | Chelsea manager

    4th is objective. They all played the same teams and he got more points than everyone but 3 other clubs. Thats a decent job for a first season. I'm not a Lampard fan, and don't think it's worth defending him. So I'll let it be at that.
  13. Frank Lampard | Chelsea manager

    In all earnestness, how can you be so sure? It's his first season as manager of a PL club and he has done well by all objective metrics. He will also learn, but he does seem a handful.
  14. Jadon Sancho - "Sancho then" says Howard Nurse

    Not sure if this has already been posted but what a tease by these guys! They are all transfer muppets: I know it's a Nike advert and all, but guys please!
  15. Most important summer window in years (100-150m budget)

    Let's agree to disagree. Don't see how that's saying that we pre spent our summer budget. It's the same as saying, if we didn't use our Jan budget, then we would have more in the summer. Also on the second part - he is always maintained that he won't make 6-7 changes in one window - which is...