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  • Says a lot about you that you have to resort to personal insults and think you can pass judgement on people based on one post on an online forum.

    What a shallow person you are.

    Blackburn Rovers fan here. As you may or may not know we have a planned protest against our owners tomorrow. We have put a bit of a statement together about it and wondered if you might be able to share on your match thread?


    Hey buddy, thanks for the like! I'll get out of this pesky newbie status one day.
    I like you already, just because you were actually bothered enough to type the ñ in Señor! Hugs.

    You did type it in, didn't you? Not a copy and paste job, I hope!
    I googled it and everything! :D
    True commitment to the cause! Cheers! You're not so bad... for a blue!
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