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  1. Malky Mackay | Sacked by Wigan Athletic

    I'm just waiting for Sol Campbell to wade in.
  2. Malky Mackay | Sacked by Wigan Athletic

    Farcical contradictive statement but it's nothing new in the world of football. Absolute plonker, even if a club decides to take a punt on him he'll be ousted by the players/fans fairly rapidly.
  3. The Man Utd official twitter feed

    I wish every club adopted the same media operations as City do. The concepts behind their Youtube channel are fantastic.
  4. Erik Lamela

    Yeah, he's came on and played well, but like the BBC bloke has said: "Now can he do it against a better side than the Cypriot top-flight's runners-up? That'll be the test." Really hope he gets back to his Roma form for the sake of the league though as he was quality. Pochettino just seems like...
  5. FIFA15

    They've removed pro clubs for people on PS3 and 360. Next gen still has it.
  6. Balotelli signs for Liverpool - Official

    I'm not sure if he would be worth the risk. Part of the reason which they got rid of Suarez, as much as some wouldn't like to admit, is because of the controversies surrounding him despite his brilliant ability. Balotelli can be fantastic but Liverpool seem like a team which is well balanced and...
  7. Khedira

    Was very good in the WC, it would be ridiculous if he was available to you and you decided to toe the line with the bidding as even if he was going to cost closer to 20m than 10m, it would be worth it. He'd instantly improve you and allow you to sell/loan out the players that you feel are...
  8. Malky Mackay | Sacked by Wigan Athletic

    It's to do with the text messages/emails. Not surprised he didn't get the job, sounds like a twat of the highest order.
  9. 2014 in music

    Childhood - Lacuna.
  10. Barca Transfer ban - upheld - pointlessly

    If the signings they've made this summer don't end up failing, it's virtually pointless.
  11. Lucas Silva

    A bit of info on him from a lad in the newbies.
  12. Bloodborne (PS4)

    Looks good, like the little animations. I was late to Dark Souls and i haven't played Dark Souls 2 but my brother ( :nervous: ) has it on PS3, should probably play it while i can.
  13. Bloodborne (PS4)

  14. Diablo 3 - Rise of the Necromancer

    "Welcome to the Diablo universe. And Dungeon Crawlers in general. First off, let me once again assure you this is an entirely intended and, in my opinion, good choice for these genre of games. It encourages the re-exploration of zones you have already visited, and ensures that when you revisit...
  15. Martin Ødegaard

    Youtube comments. :lol: He looks absolute quality.