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  1. Jadon Sancho

    At this moment I think you'd be more surprised if United didn't get him than if they did.
  2. Pogba Future

    Get CL and he'll stay I reckon.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    I don't think Firmino is world class but he's obviously a good player in Liverpools system and always gets 15+ goals and assists in the PL since he's been at Liverpool which is a healthy return overall. He definitely should score more though and he's been poor this season when they've won the...
  4. Rank the English talent

    I feel like generational talents should be confined to players that are in contention for Ballon D'ors and you tend to see a new collective for them come round every 5 or so years with those at the top of the pile i.e Messi/Ronaldo being at the top of that pile for around 10 years.
  5. Phil Jones Future

    I somehow doubt Ancelotti would want Phil Jones.
  6. Schmeichel: One player is only here to promote his personal brand

    I am surprised he said this on your own platform.
  7. Football Jargon

    I hate xG.
  8. Watchalongs - The new phenomenon. Why??

    Sometimes I will turn commentary off for a game and have a watchalong in the background. I only really do this when there is an actual footballer on True Geordies The Kick Off because they mostly don't really talk about the game but football in general and you'll sometimes hear some interesting...
  9. Eric Dier runs into stand angrily confronting fan, has to be restrained

    Very fair for the teams that have already played Spurs when they had months to sort this out before.
  10. Arse FAM TV - Social Distancing Edition

    I don't mind AFTV existing but what has pissed me off about fan channels is when people like DT/Troopz get on a bigger platform. The level headed types like Statman Dave or the bloke from redmen tv (Paul Machin I think his name is) is fine because they seem like decent people and can form decent...
  11. Christian Pulisic | Chelsea player

    I wouldn’t say he’s ‘improved’ loads to what he was before. He’s just getting more game-time.
  12. Christian Pulisic | Chelsea player

    Post lockdown him and Rice have been the most improved/best players tbf. Doing well and can be a very important player for Chelsea.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Another one for Vardy against the big clubs. Fair play to him for getting back in the goals after a dreadful run of form (coincided with Leicester in general tbf). Only Aguero has a better goals per minute ratio than him this season out of the top scorers. Top goalscorer at the moment. Only...
  14. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Seems like Jorginho is the one that’s going to be sold?
  15. Carlo Ancelotti | Everton manager

    Largely agree with @BigDunc9 here. Under Silva we played 15 games and had 14 points. We were in the relegation zone and only 6 points from the bottom of the table. Big Dunc came in and we got 4 points in 2 games so moved to 18 points after 17 games. Ancelotti has had 16 games now and is on 44...