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  1. Dortmund watch | You love to see it

    Not sure who you are referring to. I said I liked United's tweet as I disliked Dortmund's original tweet in the first place. However, I remember quite a few people on here saying a big club like United would never do something like this which seems to be disproven now.
  2. Dortmund watch | You love to see it

    Wait, weren't United fans saying only small time clubs like Dortmund would engage in this kind of banter :confused: Personally, I like it btw.
  3. Jadon Sancho | £72.9M fee agreed

    You might be right, I have no idea about these kind of things. However, from past deals where detailed information is available, the payment structure almost always seems to be a big chunk at the beginning and smaller instalments later on.
  4. Jadon Sancho | £72.9M fee agreed

    Well, I'm a Dortmund fan and it's quite obviously a great deal for United. There's absolutely no way it will be payed over 5 years in equal instalments though. I'm guessing one of the reasons for the relatively low fee is the fact that the majority will be payed within the first year. In...
  5. German Football 20/21

    Also, it's actually not a nickname simply invented for marketing purposes. I lived in the US in the early 2000's and people I played football (soccer) with used to ask me about the 'Mannschaft'. I also remember watching ESPN segments in the run-up to the World Cup in Germany where they talked...
  6. Erling Haaland

    Obviously, I can't speak for everyone but most of the fans I know aren't too bothered. Raiola's antics are well known from Mkhitaryan's time and for a club like Dortmund it's a necessary evil they have to deal with if they want to get those kind of players. As most United fans on here like to...
  7. Dortmund watch | You love to see it

    For some reason the non-reflective use of phrases annoy me a lot, so apologies for being the target of my nitpicking. Anyway, as others have pointed out already the main reason for Dortmund's cautious approach when it comes to risk management goes back to their near insolvency back in 2005...
  8. Dortmund watch | You love to see it

    I really don't mean to pick you out specifically but I see this comment over and over in this forum and I'm just wondering: what do people mean when they say 'Dortmund shows a lack of ambition'? What would constitute showing ambition in your or anyone else's mind that says this? I'm genuinely...
  9. Marco Rose | OFFICIAL: Joining Dortmund at the end of the season

    For a 'silly football tactics blog' they have a surprising number of contributors in respectable jobs within the football industry. I really liked most of Maric's pieces but I have to agree that some of their other authors tend to overdo it with creating new football-lingo.
  10. Dortmund watch | You love to see it

    As a Dortmund supporter I do find their Twitter 'banter' especially from their non-german account quite cringeworthy. This post obviously has relevance to Dortmund though since the Lorient players imitated PSG's celebration after knocking Dortmund out of the UCL when Neymar etc. in turn made fun...
  11. German Football 20/21

    It's not that much of a gamble I feel as Morey has been quite underwhelming so far unfortunately. He seems a bit light-weight defending and his contribution in possession doesn't really make up for those deficits. He may still come good but it feels like another Isak, Merino, Gomez type...
  12. Matthew Hoppe.

    Excellent finishing for all three goals - almost 'Raul-esque'. I'm curious to see if this was just a weird one-off performance or if he'll be able to reproduce this. He'd probably need Harit to be consistently on yesterday's level.
  13. Dortmund watch | You love to see it

    I see people mentioning that Dortmund should have accepted United's bid of £100m but I've only ever read about a rejected bid for £73m rising to about £90m. Now, assuming only half of the add-ons were realistically achievable, it seems to me that Dortmund's choice still was correct as they'll...
  14. German Football 20/21

    I agree that he looks nervous and it seems like he still lacks positional awareness somewhat. However, when Dortmund aren't in possession, I very much prefer Moukoko chasing after the ball compared to Brandt's half-assed attempts of pressuring opponents and covering space.
  15. German Football 20/21

    Possibly, but I remember seeing videos of Neymar when social media or youtube weren't really a thing. He must have been 14 or something. Anyway, I'm really happy for Moukoko to get his first game.