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  1. Was that the worst game in your lifetime?

    No, there has been lots of shit days through the years. It won’t be the worst either, sometimes shit happens. City 6-1 for me was worse Newcastle 5-0 was shit Atleast this one we all (most of us) saw coming and may of actually done us some good in speeding up the “Ole out” process
  2. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    You’re not wrong but, they aren’t this bad, we have a world class team. CM is an issue but Liverpool don’t stick 5 past every team they play without world class centre midfields This is ole being wel and truly out his depth and he has been for well over a year now
  3. Paul Scholes the pundit

    Facts are we didn’t take enough points off them, and didn’t take enough points off the smaller teams either And it’s happening again scholes highlighting that if we play like that against Liverpool we’d be in trouble, I don’t think he is wrong
  4. Fred | 2021/22 Performances

    Aye, sadly he’s here for awhile
  5. Next Newcastle manager

    absolutely no chance this team finishes 10th then 6th the season after! that’s doing a massive injustice to the teams above them
  6. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    Not really, loved the game, the players in the second half were amazing But it was once again poor from the get go, we win nothing with Ole in charge. I want to see is challenging for the CL not scrapping to get out the groups
  7. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Pretty much everything here is spot on plan a fails, throw on all your best players and shockingly it works against a team that dropped its arse
  8. The manager has lost the players

    Not just playing for the fans that boo’d them? Or knowing they’d effectively be out of the CL if they lost?
  9. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    Imagine having a proper manager for this game, we’d of knocked them for 6
  10. Post match vs Atalanta

    Squad but no manager I think it translates to haha
  11. Why so many knee-jerk reactions and negativity 7 games in?

    @UnitedSofa Still defending this absolute clown?
  12. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    I think returning us back to the top after 4 managers failed would be a bigger achievement
  13. Ole is unhappy that we haven't bought a CM

    We need one to be one of the best teams in the world and win the CL we don’t need one to beat villa Everton and avoid a spanking by Leicester
  14. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    No they don’t, there is a winning squad right there! Also, ole has been backed significantly im not a glazier fan at all, but, they’ve spent a shit ton of money or the club has on transfers. Managers have been backed, and so far they have fluffed their lines
  15. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    It’s scary hes Done his job, when he came in it was, top 4 and steady the ship now the job is, win the league, ole can’t do this so should feck off before he leaves us where he found us