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  1. Hakim Ziyech I Chelsea player

    Passer, creator, goalscorer, pressing machine. Really interesting to see if Chelsea will become another high-pressing team. They are buying the players for it.
  2. Italian Serie A - 2019-20

    Udinese-Juve 0-1 De Ligt
  3. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros | CAS - Ban lifted, fined 10 million

    Short version: UEFA: you cheated with FPP, we think. Give us acces to your books. MC: Ehm, no? UEFA: ok, then you're banned from the CL and will be fined 30M. MC: Ehm, CAS. Help? CAS: Hi UEFA. You didn't get a look at the books, so there's nothing to prove. So, they can join the CL. Oh and MC...
  4. Best academy in the world?

    Barcelona, Ajax, United, Santos, Sporting Lissabon, Bayern, PSG, Benfica are the well known names. But do't forget clubs like Partizan Belgrade and Spartak Prague and Dinamo Zagreb. It's not all about the most expensive players for me, but more about how many players they produce for the top 5...
  5. Lionel Messi

    The problem is that Frenkie was a DM in a different system, with two 6's. And yes, in that system he's one of the best in the world. In a system with two 8's not so much (yet). That's why getting Pjanic might nog be such a bad plan as many people suggest it is, because he think he would do very...
  6. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    Maguire :lol::lol::lol:
  7. Timo Werner to Chelsea

    I think you a bit low on the assists. Seriously. Edit: this season. Sorry. Misread it.
  8. Timo Werner to Chelsea

    Ouch...Ziyech and Werner together. That's going to be fun.
  9. Donny van de Beek

    Remember everyone talking about Ajax' Tadic compared to Southampton's Tadic? He's one of the reasons why.
  10. Donny van de Beek

    He's not a DM. Yes, he played there. But only in a double pivot system after Frenkie left. But he's an AM. Best suited to play with a false/roaming 9.
  11. Donny van de Beek

    heeeeere's Donny!
  12. Matthijs De Ligt | Juventus Player

    Strange how this has become what a lot of people think. Because it's not true. Check the games Frenkie played at Busquets' position. He didn't play that well at all. The reason for this is that he isn't at his best in a single pivot system. If you want to use his quality you should always...
  13. Barcelona to fire Valverde. Quique Setién to take over

    Agreed. They need creative 10. But i also think they should change their system and play with a double pivot. That way there's way more room for Messi to do his thing.