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  1. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    He’s already beaten him twice this season.
  2. Marcus Rashford is the most valuable player in our squad

    A lot of this thread is shite. If you would have asked me ten years ago if I’d have taken a Manc academy player with the quality of Rashford I’d have bit your hand off despite the fact we had Rooney, Ronaldo, tevez, Berbatov. The more quality around him the better he will get.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 12

    Rashford is clearly a class ahead of all them yet still only just turned 22. Greenwood class is obvious.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 12

    According to Joe Cole we have no youngsters on the level of Chelsea’s which is total bull. Rashford and Greenwood are better than anyone they have and they probably won’t be the only ones.
  5. Craig burley on United

    Craig Burley will always be in MUFC history for his assist in the Beckham winner in the 1996 FA cup semi final. Thank you very much Craig, was a great day and the highlight of your shit career.
  6. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    Manufactured passion. Never forget how shit their support really is.
  7. Mourinho's post match comments

    Some united fans are so fecking thick they would change the manager every week whilst failing to spot it’s the same group of players who consistently underachieve. At least half our squad, maybe more, are cowardly flakey peices if overpaid shit but that’s ok, let’s change the manager again, aye.
  8. U18s - Manchester United vs Blackburn

    Good point. Nobody is selfish, everyone works hard from the front back.
  9. U18s - Manchester United vs Blackburn

    O’Connor won’t even have to wash his kit. Totally cruises through this game flawlessly.
  10. U18s - Manchester United vs Blackburn

    Even without considering the potential of individuals, the understanding between the group all over the pitch is better than any other I’ve seen. Suppose the confidence from winning helps.
  11. U18s - Manchester United vs Blackburn

    Think it’s fair to say we’re playing quite well.
  12. England Squad Confirmed vs Holland & Italy

    Is it really a suprise there’s no Smalling. He’s shite and in the 4 seasons he’s been a first choice cb for United we’ve finished 7th, 4th, 5th and 6th.
  13. Does who we sign next really matter anymore

    If we still have any of Jones, Smalling, Herrera, Young or Fellaini in our first XI come August then expect another season of underachievement. These players are synonymous with it yet managers come and go while the useless cnuts are still here.
  14. U18s - Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United

    Lots of good performances but Garner, O’connor and Greenwood were all quality.
  15. LVG: Man Utd is a commercial club, not like Bayern Munich.

    Of course we are a commercial club and have been for the last 20 years at least, which is a bit shit but has positives as well. The problem with the bitter old pan face’s statement is that Bayern are as much so if not worse. Exactly :lol: