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  1. Mikel Arteta | Arsenal manager

    Don't know how many of you watch basketball but Arsenal have become the Knicks of football. Pathetic overpaid players, only being considered good because of the history and have nothing that really gives them hope. Arteta has a lot to do still.
  2. Premier League Gameweek 10

    Feck sake, poor guy Jimenez. Hopefully he'll be fine.
  3. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    Was horrendously shite in the first half but immense in the second.
  4. Edinson Cavani - 2020/21 Performances

    The only signing that I was against in this transfer window and he is making me look like a fool. Spectacular again. Martial, watch and learn.
  5. Players you believe get a raw deal on the caf

    De Gea, Rashford, Shaw.
  6. Diego Maradona has died

    Probably the most iconic player to have ever been in the sport. What a life he's had. RIP to the legend.
  7. Edinson Cavani - 2020/21 Performances

    Got to say I didn't watch PSG and thus thought he would be a shit signing. So far he's proved me wrong. Brilliant player.
  8. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Fofana has been shite.
  9. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Watching Liverpool's passages of play makes me very jealous. Fantastic tempo of passing.
  10. Nemanja Matić | 2020/21 Performances

    Played like he discovered what football is for the first time. Took about 4 touches too many every time and got dribbled past 10293993 times.
  11. Post match vs West Bromwich Albion

    Absolutely hated every single minute. Awful performance.
  12. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Truly an incredible player. Fergie would have bought him for sure.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Can't believe I'm saying this but I like watching Spurs today. I have a feeling that they could score 4 if they needed to.
  14. England's best XI

    Henderson Walker-Maguire-Dier-Chilwell Rice Henderson-Mount Sancho-Kane-Grealish
  15. Jack Grealish

    Who said Pogba is world class?