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  1. Gaming Mass Effect Legendary edition - out 14th May 2021

    This is the first game I've ever pre-ordered. Might even take a few days off work for it.
  2. Derby - United u23

    It's been the same in the academy games. Honestly, the U18s and U23s this season have been fantastic entertainment. They've all taken the 'Attack! Attack! Attack!' chant and just run with it.
  3. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    There really is nothing redeeming about City. It's very hard to really care about them isn't it.
  4. Isak Hansen-Aarøen (Norwegian - Age increases annually)

    Suspect he’ll be considered the best youth prospect at the club sooner rather than later. Football is effortless to him.
  5. U18's: Sunderland (A) Tuesday 1pm

    I think McNeil had a bit of a Ronaldo-esque selfish ego about him and likely wanted the pass to get another goal. Could be wrong of course. Great player though, and his obvious hunger for goals is why I think he’ll have a very good PL career.
  6. Daniel James | 2020/21 Performances

    Ole has shown himself to be risk averse to an almost frustrating degree, but with nothing left to lose I don't see how we don't give Amad minutes tbh. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from continuing with James and ignoring Amad when the league positions have already been decided.
  7. Daniel James | 2020/21 Performances

    I think ultimately playing a winger who can exploit the gaps in Leeds’ high-intensity press was the right call, but DJ just doesn’t have the quality. Hopefully when second is guaranteed Ole will start trying out Amad.
  8. How should the breakaway clubs be dealt with now?

    Given the performances of the teams, it seems like they've decided to punish themselves. Except for Man City of course, but then they can just dust-off a second team of internationals long-forgotten down the back of Mansour's sofa.
  9. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    Off day. But then not a single one of our front four played well today. Apathetic performance all round.
  10. U18s v. Wolves

    This is such a talented group. I really think Hansen-Aarøen has a very high chance of making it here. Everything is effortless to him.
  11. U23's: Man United v Chelsea

    That front 4 are technically on a different level. Chelsea seemed to have like 2 attacks and scored from both though. Seems like this team will always leak goals.
  12. Is our summer transfer window now in chaos?

    We’ll ll have money to spend and we’ll spend it if our targets become available. It’ll be fine. The season isn’t even finished yet.
  13. Respect to two people, maybe 5 people, Pogba is greedy, maybe he isn’t, oops it’s all fake

    Pogba wouldn't have been my guess tbh, just because he wouldn't be someone I'd expect to lead a player revolt against club greed in the firstplace. Someone like Rashford maybe. Not that it matters, it's all speculation and we will probably never no.
  14. The Super League is disbanding / Ed Woodward Resigning

    ESL was a disaster before it even got going. You really expected anyone to believe there would be salary caps and enforced FFP when clubs like Man CIty signed up? Nothing but greed. And how did any of these people think they could just launch a new league behind the backs of the players and...