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  1. Which players did SAF stick with in spite of fan discontent?

    Probably some of the “utility players” that weren’t viewed by fans as great players in any one position but were vital squad players to Fergie - the likes of O'Shea, P.Neville, Brown, Fortune, Park to an extent. A post Fergie equivalent would be someone like Blind
  2. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    He won’t get any meaningful time
  3. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Yeah I agree
  4. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    We seem to be clueless as to how to break them down. No visible tactics or attacking system.
  5. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Bruno is cutting an increasingly frustrated figure
  6. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    What’s the keeper playing at, coming off his line!?
  7. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Ah I thought it was strange.
  8. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    No, Jota is fit now
  9. Top 4 race

    Will be fantastic for the club if Ole can deliver back to back Top Four trophies
  10. Form against the big 6

    I bet in most of those games we’ve played the McFred midfield duo - a damage limitation midfield but not enough quality to get the wins.
  11. Why don't we put pressure on Refs?

    I do think that refs have decided that we’ve had our allocation of penalties for the season now.
  12. Post match vs Chelsea

    Have people not worked this out yet - if we start with McFred and James then we’re aiming not to lose, no more.
  13. Post match vs Chelsea

    Set up for the draw, played for the draw, got the draw. Job done.
  14. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    It will. Been obvious since about 20 minutes in