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  1. Train derailed in Scotland - Update: 3 dead reported so far...

    If thats true thats a shitty piece of rotten luck
  2. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness or memes please)

    Excellent news mate. Have a virtual, non contact PPE protected hug from me
  3. Manchester United vs FC Copenhagen

    I live in hope! Its the thought that keeps me going.
  4. Westminster Politics

    I really hate this country sometimes. As soon as my nipper has headed off to uni Im done, just need to decide where.
  5. How good was Alex de Souza ?

    cant recall seeing him play, but he was a cornerstone of my FM teams at the time if that counts?
  6. Manchester United vs FC Copenhagen

    On the promise that they take lingard next.
  7. The most unprofessional professionals in the modern game (no pre mid-90's and prior please!)

    Rooney, Smoker, drinker, suspensions when we needed him for stupid red cards, coming back almost every pre season woefully out of shape.
  8. Television Breaking Bad

    just started rewatching it for the first time this year, Id forgotten how badass walter gets.
  9. Television Lucifer | S5 on Netflix - 21 August

    Completely cheesy and naff, and I love every second of it.
  10. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    As long as looking after his career means getting him a good move away thats fine, not if it means holding onto a substandard player on a wage that could be much better spent elsewhere purely because ole has known him a long time and likes him.
  11. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    I hope this isnt the case, ole should be thinking solely of what is best for the club, not lingards career, that's his agents job.
  12. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    oh please god dont let the last two games make any difference, he has to be gone by the start of the season, PLEASE!
  13. Giant Explosion In Lebanon

    Holy crap!!!!
  14. The Trump Presidency

    It reached that place a long time ago