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  1. U23s vs Brighton

    I agree with that. Not so sure it would be as much of an issue for him centrally as it can be at times for him out wide.
  2. U23s vs Brighton

    Really bright start by the boys and Mejbri puts United ahead 1-0. Well worked by the lads and Puigmal in particular with the assist. Puigmal has the makings of a quality player, it's a shame in my opinion that he's been shunted all around the pitch since joining.
  3. Ethan Galbraith

    It wouldn't be the end of the world but you can see that a full season with the 23s won't do much for him. If he doesn't get a loan move then hopefully he can at least start training with the first team full time. Think everyone's starting to see that there's a real player in there.
  4. Demetri Mitchell

    Wouldn't be a bad move for him at all. Meant to post this the other day, he went on Kenji Gorre's podcast for a chat. Not the best audio but an interesting listen all the same. On both Apple Music and Spotify I believe.
  5. Players being released on free transfers

    Not something we normally analyse but as far as a released list goes, this is one of the strongest ones I can think of. It's a shame the way injuries have really hampered Mitchell's career so far. Supposed to have a fair few clubs interested and if he can stay fit I'd back him to have a good...
  6. James Garner

    Agreed. I think a loan next season has to be the next step for him and I think it would do wonders for him, whether it sets him up for a future for us or elsewhere.
  7. Ethan Galbraith

    Because this is an open forum where I can write what I want. You're a grumpy one aren't you? To expand, I think Galbraith has a better long pass on him or is at least more willing than Garner to play that pass. He is also very nimble and operates better than Jimmy in tight spaces. Garner, as...
  8. Ethan Galbraith

    It's hard to explain at times but some players seem to have something that tells me that they're just more suited to making the step up than perhaps the more 'standout' player(s). Galbraith has that more than Garner for me but as has been said already, time will tell. Great problem to have if...
  9. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    Was going to say he looks more like a striker to me. Playing style reminds me of Aguero. Would imagine there's some kind of gentleman's agreement so he'll be an interesting one to follow.
  10. Do you have a second ‘local team’?

    Crystal Palace. An ex-player is a family friend and Selhurst Park is within earshot so I used to go there a lot. Was happy for them when they came back up and every season that they've managed to stay up since. Still hope United smash them every time without a doubt and was delighted when we...
  11. Mike Maignan - Lille GK

    Dean Henderson. That is all. Might as well sell him if we bring in another young keeper.
  12. Dillon Hoogewerf

    How's Haygarth getting on nowadays? Always liked what I've seen of him.
  13. Potential striker targets for the summer

    I was just coming in here to mention him. Think this would be a really smart move, which is why of course it won't happen. Even if just as a rotational option I can see him getting goals in a good side.
  14. Matthijs de Ligt / signs for Juventus, lowering their average age to 56

    I don't mean the only teams that he's interested in. Just my guess as to where he'll end up. I don't think all 5 teams above us are looking to splash out on a centre back or that they all can for that matter. I'd probably add City as an option on reflection, making it even tougher for United.