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  1. Denmark 92 or Greece 04

    Can we close this thread? Feck Greece and feck 04:lol::nono: That tournament and that final were my first exposure and memories to football.
  2. Alphonso Davies

    By far the best North American player atm.
  3. The search for a left back...

    I know he was not bought for the academy but starting in Porto and starting at Manchester United are two very different things and he hardly was a starter at Porto at that time.
  4. The search for a left back...

    To be quite honest I think he is talented but I think it really depends on how he develops. I think he can be a solid player just as much as I think he can be a "bust". I think United should of done a buy to loan option and sent him back to Porto to Develop more before going to United.
  5. The search for a left back...

    Same scenario, Dalot was not ready, he needed to develop more before making such a jump and the same is with Nuno. He needs to play before even seeing a move like this.
  6. The search for a left back...

    Well to put it bluntly, He is a dumbass so it would not be surprising if he did. It would be the wrong move for Nuno at this point. He is only 17, he should stay at Sporting until he is 21 to properly develop and get a lot of playing time.
  7. What country do you tip for national success over the next ten years?

    Not a chance in hell for Norway. I think it would be a huge and feasible achievement for them to qualify for a major tournament. Belgium for example had/has there best generation ever and have not won anything with it. They have done decent but were never a threat in any competition.
  8. The search for a left back...

    I like him a lot actually, He was a part of the pre season team last summer and was very impressive IM. In fact we have two pretty talented defenders coming through In Nuno Mendes and a center back by the name of Eduardo Quaresma. Next season we will have a very young team with 7 youngsters...
  9. My feelings and sadness towards the europeans' disdain for the Club World Cup

    European teams are so much better then the South American and asian or African teams that it gives them no motivation to really win. Even the league cup has more value for them and I don't blame them. Its a Micky mouse cup that takes place in the middle of the season and if a team is in the...
  10. Classic Football Shirts?

    Ya he was brilliant for us and always popped up in the big games. In our run to the UEFA cup final he was brilliant bagging 9 goals along the way.
  11. Classic Football Shirts?

    Cheers Mate!
  12. Classic Football Shirts?

    Time to go get that match worn Liedson Shirt now:drool:
  13. Classic Football Shirts?

    Lovely! Appreciate the help mate!
  14. Classic Football Shirts?

    Feels like because they have a monopoly in that sort of business. There is no one who competes with them.
  15. Classic Football Shirts?

    Saw a Match Worn Sporting Liedson jersey on there which I have to have. He was my favorite player from Sporting growing up and I wore the number 31 growing up playing football because of him so I really want to add it to my collection:)