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  1. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    Before that Coates red there was a clear penalty not called on us and on the break they got the red and 3rd goal which essentially killed off the game. I think we have been getting some decent results but our performances as a whole have not impressed me. We lack firepower up top or presence in...
  2. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    Ya neto is just awful. Feddal does not convince me at all either. Coates is our best defender and solid for our league despite his mistakes and mental lapses he has sometimes. if we are using a 3 cb formation I would go with Borja as the LCB because he offers some more speed and Quaresma on...
  3. Alex Telles | 2020/21 Performances

    As I suspected he slots in perfectly. is he world class? No but he is a very good left back and for the price you guys paid for him you will not find better. More importantly as I emphasized before he signed he would not need a “adjustment” period. He is a ready made player at his age and with...
  4. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    They should play to there strengths and play a 4-3-3. We have fantastic midfield options that we can exploit but instead we insist in a 3 CB formation when we don’t have the CBs do fit the system.
  5. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    VSC as well who made some interesting moves along with being able to keep Marcus Edwards.
  6. Portuguese Football 2019/20

    Not gunna lie, My opinion on Ruben Dias MIGHT be changing. He has looked solid for Portugal every time we played so far this season and in the game vs Arsenal I was really impressed. I hope I was wrong with him as this will only benefit Portugal. As of now hopefully he carries on this way...
  7. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    Safe to say he was right ;)
  8. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    Reminds me of how it went down at Sporting. Nani had come back that summer and since he is one of our prodigal sons he was given the armband. Well it was very clear to see that even though Nani had the armband it was Bruno who was the captain and leader on the pitch. Thus when Nani left the...
  9. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    I think he is a bigger voice on the pitch is all. Inevitably I do believe he will be the captain at United. He checks all the boxes biased or not.
  10. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    Deserved. Not only is he the best player in the team but he is also the only one with true leadership abilities. I suspect he will be the captain permanently sooner rather then later. He has the respect from his piers of both his quality on and off the pitch. Proud of you young man! Carry on!
  11. Luis Gomes | Reports: United agree first refusal for 'the next Figo'

    Gonçalo Inácio and Eduardo Quaresma (both 18) are promising CB who play in the first team. Nuno Mendes is our diamond at left Back (18) he is Special. ^ This is a left back scoring a goal like that. We then have the likes of Daniel Bragança (20) and Joelson Fernandes (17) Who are other...
  12. Luis Gomes | Reports: United agree first refusal for 'the next Figo'

    I can admit I have not seen enough of Luis Gomes to give you lot a full run down of what I feel his potential is or My thoughts and feelings on his ability and play. I have not been able to catch many games of the U15 and U16 games so some of the players on those teams I know more so by name as...
  13. Luis Gomes | Reports: United agree first refusal for 'the next Figo'

    I would hope the clube have good enough relations for some deal like this to be in place. Sporting and United are 2 peas in a pod at this point.
  14. Luis Gomes | Reports: United agree first refusal for 'the next Figo'

    That how I interpreted it which is why I thought it’s absolute bullocks. Why agree on an alleged fee Before you even know how good he will be. We wound potentially miss out on a big payday and get 14M. Now I know Varandas is capable of such idiotic moves so I won’t leave it out the realm of...
  15. Luis Gomes | Reports: United agree first refusal for 'the next Figo'

    Oh I probably read that wrong then. I understood it as they have the option of first refusal with offer being 14M. From reports in Portugal Atlético offered 15M which was rejected.