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  1. Protest at Old Trafford

    I think the idea is that the club should be in a position to re-invest that which it generates without it being taken out of the club by parasites. Especially when they took over the club with money that wasn't theirs then re-aligned that debt directly against the club, to the tune of half a...
  2. Protest at Old Trafford

    Until you apologise for Florida, no.
  3. Our fresh batch of deadwood

    Grant Romero Lingard Pereira Jones Williams (Loan) Mata Matic James (Loan) The above can go. No qualms about that, all have had their use but apart from the two loans. It is probably best to let the others go permanently.
  4. James Garner

    Thought that was 3 teams in a calendar year, but it would preclude him from a loan next season if that's the either way it's a non-starter.
  5. Film Favorite movie opening scene

    My man.
  6. James Garner

    Garner isn't near the England squad right now no. But Mount shouldn't have been at the time he was called up either. Mount would be a better player in a world where it is possible to make a direct comparison. But I don't think there is as much in it as you may do.
  7. James Garner

    Different positions though. Mount was further up the pitch and played regularly. If Garner had played the full season at Forest rather than stuck at Watford for the first 3/4 months then we are probably looking at comparable/scalable statistical output. The most important thing is that he is...
  8. Film Cameron's Titanic is the best film in the past 25 years

    Gladiator. Now lock this crime of a thread.
  9. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Mans a dick.
  10. 12 years ago today

    He should have stayed.
  11. Dusan Vlahovic

    From Fiorentina ... :D
  12. Chris Smalling | Roma player

    I can't even begin to tell you how much that season has been misremembered in his favour. We were a defensive team, who held onto the ball most of the time, he was protected so much by LVG's tactics. It isn't a massive stretch to say that Blind was our best centre half that year.
  13. Gary Neville - Pundit

    Give it a rest.