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  • Problem is it's not two three minutes here and there. VDB has been given full match or a half, or 65' and we all saw what he could offer.
  • I don't know what Ole dislikes about him either but I'm pretty sure I know what most of our fanbase dislike about him. Tbh it's more I can't work out what's wrong with this dude. Like it'd kill him if he tries a pass forward.
  • And that means no counter? Tbh I don't watch them but it's crazy for me to think there's a team that ask their players to pass backward in a transition.
  • Not sure about that tbh, but an United keeper or at that level should have. Sorry but I don't think he's what we need here.
  • They don't do counter there?
  • Tbh I've no idea what's wrong with this guy. It's like it'd end the whole world if he tries a pass forward. Very weird player.
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    Imo that approach had died down with the current players prices and FFP. No club even those oil bastards would afford that. He should try the national teams I think. His defensive mindset and under siege mentality may work there.
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    And his heritage ...
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    Imo another reason was he knew that Moratti would not let him spend as he wish like before the treble. Moratti had spent a lot on Inter prior to the treble and everyone knew that his dream was seeing Inter winning the CL. After the CL title it...
  • He was decent, had some good moments but God, he had some very very serious issue with his decision making. Like the 3 against 2 counter attack in the 2nd half, it took him like forever to pass to Bruno, and the pass was really bad it killed the...
  • Tbf Ed and the Glazers are to blamed too. I don't think we'd win playing Amad or Telles against WH.
  • I don't know why the caf always find retraining players to new positions is funny. Especially if said player is average in his current position but shows signs that he could be great somewhere else. Lucky for those players below their coaches...
  • He's really tall, fast, pretty quick, very strong, brave, agressive, good in the air, good tackle. If you've played any football you'd know it's much easier to play as a CB than as a CM/DM. Any CM/DM with good physical attributes could be a very...
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    Felt asleep by 75' I think.
  • A big if I guess, he is really good today though.