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  1. Manchester United vs Watford

    Been a very looong time that my feeling got right a bit, even happier that I got wrong about the scoreline. Cheers :D
  2. Hands up if you owe Fred an apology

    The point is he was crap. I don't think we'd need to apologize for telling the truth. I still remember the few matches before his resurrection, it was horrible to watch.
  3. Manchester United vs Watford

    :lol: I have good feelings about this match, 2-0 and Bruno will get his first goal today :D
  4. Post match vs Chelsea

    Bruno seems pretty good. Good vision, solid passing and great dead balls. Really wish we'd have Rashford and Pogba available next match. Would be a joy to watch imo.
  5. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    Can't believe when I read the news, so great haha :lol:
  6. Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    3-0 I have good feelings about this match.
  7. Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United Player

    Depending on what kind of passes he usually pull off, if they are through balls or forward passes then of course it gonna be inconsistent.
  8. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    This is exactly what I would expect from him. We need someone who can deliver good quality passes and can hold the ball well. Enough shooting from range with just Rashford imo, imagine both making a contest who can shoot more ...
  9. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    I didn't say anything regarding his physics or " too tough for flair player from lower leagues". Just his long shots. Hope I'm wrong though.
  10. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    :lol: Hope I'm wrong but that's what I see from watching his clips. If you pay attention to players with supposedly good long shots who move from other leagues to the PL you'd see a common thing. All of them have to try to hit harder in order to beat the keepers in the PL, which resulted in...
  11. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Tbh I don't expect much from him, especially his shooting which reminds me of Depay. Accurate but not very powerful, and PL keepers are on a different level. But is he better than Lingard, Pereira or Mata? Definitely.
  12. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Agreed, 50 m is like 20 m and 40 m is like 15 m. Please be nice to him guys, too much expectation won't do him any good imo. Personally I'd write him off this year, the PL is tough especially for players coming from lowers league.
  13. Will we sign anyone for the first team during the remainder of the January window?

    If buying is too expensive how about some loans?
  14. You've just been hired as the Director of football (DOF), what do you do?

    If Ed still has the final say and no change in the board: nothing, it's useless anyway. Just hanging around trying to look busy and ready to be the next scapegoat. Otherwise, help Ole to buy or loan immediately at least 2 good midfielders and a forward. Then spending the next 5 months helping...