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  1. Transfer window closing earlier in England.

    Most clubs are pissed off about this. why put the premier league in a disadvantage position against other leagues. makes no sense. other then Liverpool i dont think any top 6 club has had an usual summer of ins and outs. everyone is hogging onto their players knowing the market and the lack...
  2. Transfer Tweets - 2018/19 | Remember if posting foreign language tweets to post in English too

    Did jose not see Boateng in the CL and World cup this summer. This would be the worst signing in the last 10 years.
  3. The Search for a Midfielder

    What a midfielder Fernandinho is of City. This exact mould of midfielder United should be looking to sign, fast, physically strong, superb passer and the ability to collect the ball from the defenders and ping it over the top looking in spaces for attackers to run onto.
  4. Romelu Lukaku | 2017/18 Performances

    so much wrong with Lukakus positing, thinking and anticipation when we create chances, mentally hes so far behind anticipating poaching goals
  5. Quinton Fortune appreciation thread

    Fergie used to hate it when Fortune would go off to the African nations cup in the middle of the season He always made a point about the inconvience the tournament caused clubs in his press conferences :lol:
  6. Transfer Tweets - 2017/18

    for £8m id take Wilshire at United as a squad player
  7. Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    the hangover from Seville will cost us this match. dont have a good feeling.
  8. Sevilla loss epitomizes everything that is currently wrong with United

    wonder what the fall out will be of this match, Jose wont take the blame and will have a clear out this summer, De Gea, Shaw, Martial and Pogba might not be here next season
  9. Post match vs Sevilla

    Most important thing to learn for Mourinho. 170 minutes of football eventually they will find a way to score if you sit back and let them control the game in your half. Mourinho needs to adapt to football in 2018
  10. Most improved player this season?

    wait what, McTominay was a playing as a CF in the u23s? what the hell terrible decision
  11. Manchester United officials looking at plans to expand Old Trafford capacity to 88,000 | Scrapped?

    The stadium looks very run down, it started to give the look of those 90's stadiums. My uncle pays £85k a season for a 8 man corporate box and tbh its not worth it at all compared to the corporate boxes as Emirates, Wembley and new Spurs stadium.
  12. Jose Tactics and Pogba

    its obvious need to play a midfield three of Carrick-Matic and Pogba to get the best out of him. which means we will have to play a 3 upfront.
  13. Which midfielder should we buy to give Pogba more freedom

    Interesting he let go of Schnerdlerlin, seeing as he was pretty much box to box and disciplined defensively. would have been a good partner to Matic and Pogba in a midfield 3
  14. Manchester United vs Sevilla | CL R16 Build-up Thread (Return Leg 13 March)

    What the hell So 'premier league experience' is a real thing but playing in the Spanish league for 3 seasons holds no credibility to you ? Of corse Bailly is going to know the Sevilla team better then the rest of our defenders.
  15. Manchester United vs Sevilla | CL R16 Build-up Thread (Return Leg 13 March)

    Jones played RB against Madrid last 16 at Bernabu in Fergies last season 1-1 the score was i think, Welbeck and Ronaldo scored. But the point of my comment was Baily has played in Spanish league for a few seasons so is familiar with the opposition.